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" Be your own Anchor " with RJ Manisha had crossed 1.6k views within 3 hours on IGTV

"Stay featured " Presents " Be your own Anchor " with RJ Manisha had crossed 1.6k views within 3 hours on IGTV

It's an incredible honour especially when you are hosting in front of RJ Manisha She encouraged everyone to "Be Your Own Anchor". Host and Creative Director Prachetan Potadar were extremely grateful to viewers for asking such thoughtful questions based on and beyond literature/storytelling.

It was an honour for Team Stay Featured o have such a prestigious storyteller with us for this inspirational discussion highlighting important issues such as fake feminism, morality in the 1st century Our viewers were stunned when she narrated "Ahilya " - with a completely different perspective which unblocked new approach. Then She took us to a different zone by one of her comic poem which was landed with a lot of laughter.

Honorable Guest Rj Manisha was energetic while answering a variety of questions and curiosity about her current interview series & Jazbat Roohani.

We would like to remind our readers that your comments and all other interactions are Welcome, and treated like the gold nuggets they are.

All the attendance from busy people who found that something in what we said catches your interest, entertains or informs for a moment – a share in the time it takes to be a modern human and a responsible netizen who appreciate genuine content

You can follow RJ Manisha Kanthaloya on this account link

If you missed this session, don't worry here are the links where you recreate the feel


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