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Dr Anita Kaul ,an Educator honored by We Care Foundation at the Sharda Culture Program hosted by Kashmiri Hindu Sabha , Pune .

In a testament to decades of unwavering commitment and excellence in the field of education, Dr. Anita Kaul, Principal of a prominent Junior College in Pune, Maharashtra, has been recognized and honored by Dr. Renu Singh, the Founder of We Care Foundation , Ravi Kacharu ( Panun Kashmir, lucknow) at the Sharda Culture Program hosted by Kashmiri Hindu Sabha , Pune .

The prestigious ceremony took place on January 13, 2024, wherein Dr. Kaul was acknowledged for her multifaceted role as a Senior Educator, Education Advisor, Parent-Students Counselor, International Speaker, Motivator, Career Counselor, Facilitator, and Personality Development Coach.

Dr. Kaul, also a distinguished member of the IDYM Group and the Chapter Director of Pune SELIN, has garnered numerous prestigious awards for her exceptional contributions to the education sector. Her remarkable journey of over two decades has left an indelible mark, earning her accolades for fostering academic excellence and holistic development among students.

Expressing her gratitude, Dr. Anita Kaul stated, "I extend my sincere thanks to Dr. Renu Singh Ma'am for the honor bestowed upon Kashmiri women. Your recognition of their remarkable achievements despite all odds is truly commendable and inspiring."

In addition to the honor, Dr. Kaul was a distinguished guest at the Sharda Culture Program, hosted by Mr. R.P Razdan, President of Khs Pune, and Mr. Rohit Bhat, General Secretary of Kashmiri Hindu Sabha. She expressed her privilege in being part of an event that celebrated the rich cultural heritage of Sharda, praising the impeccable organization of the program.

Dr. Kaul extended special appreciation to Saravjeet Kirad Ma'am, Sweta Pankaj Ma'am, Bhawana Gupta Ma'am, and Dr. Prachetan Potdar Sir for their valuable contributions, making the event truly memorable.

In her closing remarks, Dr. Anita Kaul expressed her gratitude to all the Beautiful & Gorgeous Awardees, acknowledging their presence and contribution in making the event a special and memorable occasion.

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About Dr. Anita Kaul

Dr. Anita Kaul is a seasoned educator and Principal of a reputed Junior College in Pune, Maharashtra. With over two decades of experience, she has excelled in various roles, receiving numerous awards for her outstanding contributions to the field of education.

About We Care Foundation

We Care Foundation, founded by Dr. Renu Singh, is dedicated to recognizing and honoring individuals who have made significant contributions to society, inspiring positive change and empowerment.

About Khs Pune (Kashmiri Hindu Sabha Pune)

Khs Pune is a prominent organization working towards preserving and promoting the cultural heritage of the Kashmiri Hindu community


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