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DIVOC-Landmark 2 billion COVID-19 certificates issued across 5 countries

eGov Foundation announces that over 2 billion COVID -19 vaccination certificates have been issued across 5 countries - India, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Indonesia and Jamaica via their DIVOC platform.

DIVOC (Digital Infrastructure for Verifiable Open Credentialing) is an open-source digital platform that has enabled governments across the world to issue, distribute and verify secure and tamper-proof COVID-19 vaccination and test result digital certificates, at scale. DIVOC a Digital Public Good (DPG) by eGov Foundation, designed by precise international specifications, is recognised by 120 countries globally and is compliant with WHO and EU standards.

With five countries using DIVOC as part of the vaccination programmes, every fifth vaccinated person globally now carries a certificate created through DIVOC. Worldwide, vaccines have proven to be the most effective way at scale to counter the severe health impacts of COVID-19, reducing instances of both hospitalisation and death. Consequently, countries are now running vaccination programs at scale and speed to save livelihoods and lives.

The advantages of DIVOC are many, as it is flexible and elastic, supporting the generation of up to 25 million certificates daily. The digital-first design permits scaling and evolution. It is an agile and responsive solution that enables telemetry and analysis for users.

“The power of a verifiable certificate which is printable, multilingual and inclusive but natively digital is quite transformational. The pandemic has only emphasized the urgent requirement for digital solutions that could provide citizens with assistance with critical health issues”, said Viraj Tyagi, CEO, eGov Foundation.

DIVOC, the open-source digital platform by eGov, has been created and set up to enable countries to manage large-scale vaccination programs. The same platform has flexible features that can be easily adapted to suit the unique requirements of a country and also can be deployed to manage other demanding health programs, besides COVID -19.

In the endeavour to control the spread of COVID-19, while offering citizens a path back to their pre-pandemic lives, the creation and availability of a vaccination program and digital certificate that could not be altered were essential to empower citizens with the ability to travel freely.”

Pradipta Kundu, Program Director, Health, at eGov Foundation said, “As we pass the 2 billion certificate mark, we would like to spotlight the valuable integrative model of the DIVOC platform, which ensures interoperability with existing solutions in an adaptive capacity that meets both national and global standards. Considering the global pandemic and associated consequences, it is now the responsibility of governments across the world to be equipped for unforeseen challenges; and platforms such as DIVOC provide exactly that.

With the mantra of providing ease to citizens at the core of the eGov Foundation, the DIVOC platform is invaluable; while being run and managed by the government, it also has easy-to-use features whereby citizens can easily access their credentials and other important information.


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