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District Assembly Successfully Concludes at Hotel Sapphire, Jalna, with Eminent Rotaract Leaders

The eagerly-awaited District Assembly of Rotaract District 3132 reached its triumphant finale at Hotel Sapphire, Jalna, amidst an impressive congregation of fervent Rotaract enthusiasts from across the district. Spanning two days, 15th and 16th July 2023, the event witnessed the presence of distinguished personalities, including District Governor Rtn. Swati Herkal, District Rotaract Committee Chairman Rtn. Nitin Khandelwal, IPDRR Prasad Warad, DRR Ravi Bhakkad, IPDRS Ketki Kulkarni, and numerous Rotaracters from District 3132.

A major highlight of the event was the symbolic Collar Exchange ceremony, during which IPDRR Rtr. Rtn. Prasad Warad gracefully passed on the mantle of leadership to Rtr. Rtn. Ravi Bhakkad as the new DRR for the year 2023-24. Also, IPDRS Admin Rtr. Ketaki Kulkarni exchanged collars with DRS Admin Rtr. Riddhi Karwa. The audience erupted in cheer as the new DRR & DRS embraced their roles with pride.

The District Council of DRR Ravi Bhakkad was also sworn in during the event, comprising a team of dynamic individuals who will spearhead the district's Rotaract initiatives:

  • General Secretary: Rtr Akanksha Tiwari

  • Secretary Admin: Rtr Riddhi Karwa

  • Treasurer: Rtr Mohit Bhakkad

  • Jt. Treasurer: Rtr Harsh Karwa

  • Secretary Events: Rtr Sourabh Lohiya

  • Jt. Secretary Events: Rtr Shewta Zanwar

  • Secretary Reporting: Rtr Shruti Chabbada

  • Jt. Secretary Reporting: Rtr Rutuja Khivansara

  • District Club Service Director: Rtr Amit Bhosale

  • Jt. Club Service Director: Rtr Ashish Patel

  • District Community Service Director: Rtr Amol Polawar

  • Jt. Community Service Director: Rtr Sandeep Jadhav

  • District Professional Service Director: Rtr Yash Bagadia

  • Jt. Professional Service Director: Rtr Mayuri Laddha

  • District International Service Director: Rtr Shewta Zanwar

  • Jt. International Service Director: Rtr. Swapnil Chopade

  • Finance Director: Rtr Bhakti Takalkar

Furthermore, the event witnessed the appointment of DZR's (District Zone Representatives) from different zones, each entrusted with overseeing the growth and development of their respective areas:

  • DZR- Zone A: Varun Kulkarni

  • Jt. DZR Zone A: Rtr Rutuj Ranwal

  • DZR Zone B: Shounak Durugkar

  • Jt. DZR Zone B: Rtr. Ritesh Shah

  • DZR- Zone C: Rtr Prateek Yadav

  • Jt. DZR Zone C: Rtr Samruddhi Tathe

The District Assembly also extended recognition to numerous individuals who have made significant contributions to the Rotaract community:

  • Publication Directors: Rtr Aishwarya Nagori, Rtr Neel Deshpande

  • Public Relations Officer: Rtr Shailesh Jain, Rtr Chanakshi Sakla, Rtr Snehal Bhosale

  • Seargent-At-Arms: Rtr Sarvesh Bajaj

  • Rotary-Rotaract Relationship Officer: Rtr Rutuj Ranwal

  • New Club Formation and Membership Development Chairperson: Rtr Rohit Chavhan

  • Editors Team: Rtr Sakshi Lodha, Rtr Sumit Jain, Rtr Bhushan Harwalkar

  • Women Representative: Rtr Sanjana Nagtilak

  • Literacy Chair: Rtr Shailesh Sangale

  • World Rotaract Week Chair: Rtr Shounak Durugkar

  • TRF and Mahadan Coordinator: Rtr Shlok Bagadiya

The District Assembly not only focused on administrative proceedings but also recognized outstanding projects and leaders. Awards were presented for the Best Projects and Best Leaders, showcasing the dedication and hard work put in by Rotaract members to make a positive impact on society.

Apart from the official events, the District Assembly also hosted various fun activities that fostered camaraderie and teamwork among the attendees. The event's organizers ensured that participants enjoyed delicious food and had a memorable experience throughout the assembly.

PDRR Shrikant Daad, PDRR Sandesh Kotecha, and PDRR Kshitij Choudhary graced the event with their esteemed presence.

The conclusion of the District Assembly heralded a new chapter in the district's Rotaract journey, with fresh leadership and a motivated team ready to make a meaningful difference in their communities. The event's resounding success stands as a testament to the passion and commitment of Rotaract members in District 3132.


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