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D.E.A.R. - Drop Everything And Read: A Literary Adventure Unfolds at St. Peter’s High School, Bowenpally

On a recent Saturday, the grounds of St. Peter’s High School, Bowenpally, came alive with the joyful chatter of over 1200 eager children and parents, all rallying for a single cause: D.E.A.R. - Drop Everything And Read.

This innovative initiative, encapsulated by its acronym, "D.E.A.R.," transformed the school campus into a vibrant celebration of literature, beckoning families to prioritize the joy of reading in their lives.

Beyond a mere reading session, D.E.A.R. offered a multifaceted experience, with the school adorned in thematic reading corners that sparked imaginations and ignited passions. From beachside relaxation to jungle adventures, each corner invited exploration and discovery.

"The dreamy reading corners created by our dedicated teachers provided an immersive experience that captivated the children," shared Mr. T. Alphonse Reddy, the school's Correspondent.

Indeed, the allure of these themed reading spaces was irresistible. "Reading corners are the perfect escape into the world of stories," remarked Ms. Lilly Rebecca, a delighted parent.

Young readers echoed this sentiment, with fourth-grader Alin expressing, "Reading was never so exciting!"

Recognizing the pervasive influence of digital devices, many parents voiced their support for integrating reading into the core curriculum. "To counter the allure of screens, we must instill a love for reading from a young age," urged one parent, Pavani.

St. Peter's High School has taken a pioneering step in this direction by incorporating 'Reading' as a subject in its curriculum. Dr. K Suvarna, the school's Principal, affirmed this commitment, announcing plans to make D.E.A.R. a monthly tradition.

In a world dominated by screens, initiatives like D.E.A.R. offer a refreshing reminder of the magic found within the pages of a book. As parents and educators unite to nurture a generation of avid readers, the journey from "SCREENAGERS" to literature lovers begins at St. Peter’s High School.

This article celebrates the success of D.E.A.R. at St. Peter’s High School, capturing the essence of the event while highlighting the school's innovative approach to promoting literacy.


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