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Clara Global School & EduDrone: School Leaders Meet for CPD - Exploring Future Trends in Education

Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire." - William Butler Yeats

EduDrone-WE CONNECT, a renowned educational organization, joined hands with Clara Global School to organize a Continuing Professional Development (CPD) event titled "Exploring Future Trends in Education." This event aimed to bring together over 50 school principals, creating a platform for them to delve into the evolving trends and learning patterns in education.

The event kicked off with captivating performances by the talented students of Clara Global School, setting an energetic and enthusiastic atmosphere. Additionally, the G.K Gurukul's students showcased their creativity through a thought-provoking Nukkad Natak (street play), delivering a powerful message about children's well-being and happiness, in line with the G20 summit.

The opening address was delivered by Mrs. Dharna Gupta and Mrs. Hemangi Kawade, the Principal and Director of Clara Global School, respectively, who extended a warm welcome to all attendees. The event featured a lineup of five distinguished speakers who shared their valuable insights and expertise.

Ms. Sarika Babar, the Director of Clara Global, focused her talk on "Learning Outside the Classroom and Physical Fitness," emphasizing the importance of incorporating at least one fitness activity per day into students' lives. She also shared some of the best practices implemented in her own school.

Ms. Kajal Chhatija, the Founder & CEO of EduDrone, presented on "Students Shift towards Non-Conventional Courses," highlighting the growing inclination of students toward alternative learning paths. She also shared information about trending websites and innovative methods of learning.

Mr. N.K. Mishra, the Principal of Sinhgad High School, delved into the future of education with his discussion on "AI-enabled Learning and the Way Forward." He emphasized the role of artificial intelligence in shaping the educational landscape.

Mrs. Harshal Deshmukh, the Director of Vidya Group of Schools, shed light on "Concept Based Learning Anytime and Anywhere," underlining the importance of concept-driven education that transcends traditional boundaries of time and space.

Mrs. Divya Puri, the Principal of Helios International School, shared insights on "Curating Personalized and Differential Learning for Dynamic Learners," providing numerous examples of effective strategies for catering to the diverse needs of students.

The event also included interactive activities and presentations by various organizations. Dr. Shekhar Jain, the Co-Founder of OMOTEC, mentored the principals in creating moving and hopping Bunny Bots. Mr. Kunal Sareen, the Director of ZOOMMER SPORT, facilitated games that required the principals' attention and teamwork skills.

Dr. Rajat and Dr. Raj Dandekars, the Founders of Vizuara, engaged the principals in assembling a heart model, showcasing their expertise in interactive learning experiences. Mr. Sourabh Kamthe and Ms. Radhika Nalawade from Team Thratrica introduced their path-breaking drama curriculum using navrasas (the nine emotions).

Additionally, Study Smart executives, Mr. Chetan Jain and Mr. Amit, launched their career counseling platform for students, while Mr. Arpit Jain, the Co-Founder of Smart Planetarium, presented the mobile dome, offering students an immersive experience in space exploration. Mr. Bezad Shroff, the Director of Adventure Education, discussed their specially designed curriculum for 10 bagless days, combined with national and international tours.

The entire event was expertly woven together by Ms. Anubha Gupta, the Academic Manager at Lighthouse Learning Pvt. Ltd., who served as the event host. The principals appreciated the effort put into curating a brilliantly immersive learning experience.

In conclusion, the CPD event "Exploring Future Trends in Education.


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