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Chitralekha Potnis believes TO EMPOWER HER, EDUCATE HER

Achieving gender equality and women empowerment is possible only through education.

Women empowerment is the right to make their own decisions for the women, by manipulating all personal boundaries. It is all about consolidating the social, educational, employment, decision-making, and economic powers of women and creating an environment where there is no gender bias and equal rights in society and the workplace. The main benefit of women’s empowerment is associated with society. If we want to make our country a powerful country, then for that, we need to make the women of the community powerful too.

Domestic violence is such a thing that can happen to any woman; it is not necessary that domestic violence only happens to illiterate women. Educated women are also victims of such violence; the only difference is that where educated women dare to raise their voices against it. At the same time, illiterate women are afraid to raise their voices against such violence

Happy to meet many brave women who fought for their rights and are living respectful lives.

Peel College of Professional Studies is operated by two women entrepreneurs and is happy to support upcoming women in business, education, and in all walks of life in general.

Proud to be associated with Immigrant women in Business Toronto Canad


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