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Bewakoof opens Joy in partnership with Coca Cola, India’s largest D2C fashion brand has partnered with Coca Cola to launch an exclusive merchandise range including fashion apparel like joggers, T-shirts, footwear -- flip flops, slippers and backpacks for men, women and all gender.

Walk into any store around the World and you would be hard-pressed not to find a Coca-Cola memento of some sort. Since its inception, Coca-Cola has amassed unprecedented cultural cache and is undeniably among the most recognized & culturally important brands in the world.

Bewakoof x Coca-Cola is a beautifully crafted & edgy capsule collection showcasing our love for the 135 years young sentiment that is 'Coca-Cola' - a global brand that provides billions of moments of refreshment every day.

Coca-Cola, known for celebrating togetherness, and Bewakoof, known for providing its audience with lightheartedness, hatke expressions and fun.

And with this collaboration, we have tried to capture the unique identities & DNAs of both these brands.

Prabhkiran Singh, Founder and CEO, Bewakoof, says, “Coca Cola is one of the few global brands which is as relevant as it was a century ago. Most of us have grown admiring and launching their collection for our customers is an absolute delight. Our brand has always stood for expressions and we believe Taste the Feeling is such a powerful expression that it has taken the brand Coca Cola beyond being a beverage brand.”

Bewakoof X Coca Cola will be 360 degrees promoted across all digital platforms. The designs on the product range have been inspired by Coca Cola’s bold Red, white and black colours. They are inspired by classic Coke bottles, which is nostalgic to Coke’s fans here who love a retro touch in their wardrobe also. Both the brands are great tastemakers.

Amit Mahajan, Director: Design & Buying -- Bewakoof, says, “Coca-Cola is one of those brands that inspire emotions of happiness. Little moments of joy is how people see Coca-Cola as a brand. And we at Bewakoof believe in spreading smiles through our unique humour. Hence, in this collection, we tried to bring to life some of the things people love about both of the brands – self-expression and fun. We stand by the vision of spreading hope and positivity, which our consumers will enjoy sharing with their friends and family”

Open happiness with Bewakoof and Coca Cola

About Bewakoof, founded in 2012, is a D2C fashion brand built on social media, with content marketing being a key growth strategy. The brand’s philosophy is to add lightheartedness to life through its self-expressive products and fun shopping experiences.

The expressions the brand enables on products are relatable and Indian in nature including prints in regional languages (Hindi, Marathi, Bengali, Telugu, Gujarati, etc). As the smaller towns of India have shifted online in the last 3 years, the USP of Indian Inspiration and regional languages have helped the brand grow.

The brand is popular for its offerings in casual wear and has recently launched indo-fusion ethnic and sleepwear. Along with a range of collaborations with Marvel, DC Comics, Looney Tunes, Star Wars, F.R.I.E.N.D.S, and Disney. The brand has 4.5 Million fans on Facebook and 1.5 Million followers on Instagram.


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