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Being Author - Dr.Manisha Anwekar

I am so glad to share my one-of-its-kind journey of writing and publishing one book every month. So far, I have authored and published seventy-nine books. My eightieth book is due for release on April 30th 2024.

I know it sounds so unbelievable that someone has taken up a ‘challenge’ to do something like this. However, let me tell you that it is not a challenge. It is my journey of discipline, dedication, and a focused approach toward something that has helped me grow personally as well as professionally, and carve a unique path for myself.

So was I always a writer? No! Except for writing articles in school and college magazines, and later, my blogs, I did not write much.

In fact, I became an author to spite my husband who would go on pestering me to write a book, because he said I had so much to share with the world. He would bring up this topic every now and then, and like any other wife, I would feel bugged. I would tell him that I had no time to do ‘such things,’ but he would not budge.

In fact, I never wanted to write a book. With my fulltime engagement in my socio-spiritual organization—Spiritual Konnect-- I was too busy conducting meditation, prescription yoga, and spiritual parenting classes. Plus, seminars and other things were always lined up. Writing a book was not even a blip on the radar of my mind.

But like any other stubborn wife, to stop my husband’s constant nagging, I started writing my debut book, “A Peek Into the Amazing World of Chakras,” in 2013. I took almost one and a half years to write the book, and it was published in September 2014.

I wrote another book in 2015 for my charity project to transform the lives of prisoners in India. This book was written in fifteen days.

December 2017 onwards, my life took an unusual turn when the ‘weird’ thought of writing and publishing one book every month struck me. I rubbished the thought by saying, ‘has anybody ever done this?’ But trust me, a strong voice emerged from within- ‘no. Nobody has done this before. That is why you should to do it.’

I was astounded!

I thought, let us give it a shot. Let us see how it goes. I was under no obligation to do it. I had neither signed any contract nor taken any money for my work. This wildly experimental thought boosted my confidence and so I embarked on my one-off journey.

As I moved ahead month after month, I found that I was able to stick to my schedule of writing and publishing one book every month--along with completing all other duties-- committedly. Today, it is more than six years and a few months of continuing on this journey.

Let me share something else: many people do not take me seriously. They question the quality of my books, because according to them, it is impossible for anyone to ‘churn out’ a book in a month. They may be right, because they are comparing my talent with theirs, which they may not have to the same degree.

Such thoughts do not deter me from doing what I want to do. There will always be naysayers. Many times, feedback from my readers brings tears to my eyes, especially when they say that my book/s have transformed their lives, or even that they have brought a ray of hope into their lives, especially when they felt that everything had stopped for them.

I want to tell you to never get discouraged by what others think and say about you and your work. They will mock you. They will gossip about you. Let them do whatever they want. Your job is to focus on your path. Remember, those are their thoughts. Never get affected by them. Stick to your path. Do your best and carve a unique life for yourself, one that has been created only for you.

Trust me, we all have something to bring to the table. We all have stories to inspire and ignite minds. Never shy away from putting forward what inspires you. Write, write and write, my friend, because writing liberates you! It is a miraculous tonic to nourish your soul!

And now it’s time for a shoutout to Bookoholics for giving me this beautiful opportunity. I am so grateful to you, dear TEAM Bookoholics. I wish you my best for your future endeavours!


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