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Animation Society of India Unveils Exciting Plans at Industry Meet

On August 26, The Animation Society of India (Est. 2001), hosted an industry meet at St. Laurn, Koregaon Park, Pune, by inviting animation business owners, industry professionals, academia, hardware and software vendors, gaming and technology companies. The event was attended by some of the key players from these industry verticals from Pune, Mumbai, Bangalore, Kolkata and other major cities of India. Discussions focused around the current and future activities that are essential for the growth of the Indian Animation Visual Effects Gaming and Comics community.

The event also marked the Society’s annual flagship festival plans to becoming a traveling event. Amidst thunderous applause, the advent of Anifest India, a multi-day event organised in Mumbai since the Society’s inception in 2005, to Pune was announced. The ensuing round table discussion saw members share their views, suggestions and support towards TASI’s initiatives not only for the upcoming festival, but also for its monthly series of events across the country.

Attempting a paradigm shift in the festival structure, TASI announced that the 2023 edition of this festival will change from the established linear format to a new parallel event format. Multiple sub-venues and breakout rooms will be introduced so that more sessions can be curated over 2 days. These will include simultaneous keynote presentations, attendee engagement, entertainment, art, technology presentations, hands-on workshops and showcasing of highly-acclaimed film and TV shows from across the globe. Specially-curated sessions for parents, children and enthusiasts to introduce career opportunities in the AVGC industry are also planned. Calling upon the entire industry to actively support and participate, Anifest India 23 will have more for everyone including newer opportunities for supporters, tech solutions, interactive installations, stalls and exhibition areas.

The day started with a short introduction by the Founding Trustee of the Society Ranjit (Tony) Singh wherein he spoke about the non-profit and volunteer philosophy of the Society. “Our focus is not to earn money, but to grow the community through sharing,” Singh said.“There are no paid workers in our Society; this organisation is managed by volunteers who are passionate about giving back to the community. The funds we raise are all invested into the community”.

Vaibhav Kumaresh, Hon. Secretary of TASI, shared a visual presentation showcasing the history of the Society and its steady growth over the past 23 years. With over 250 monthly events and 15 annual international festivals and over 45 online sessions during the Covid pandemic, the Society has been steadfast in its mission to foster collaboration and sharing within the community. Its platform has been graced by artists and industry-leading organizations from across the globe.

Staying true to the informal nature of the Society, all attendees introduced themselves. Prominent among them were Shri. Ashish Kulkarni – Chairman FICCI AVGC Committee, Media Entertainment Skill Council, Philm CGI, Company3 Method India, DNEG, GhostVfx, Bakedmoon Studios, Basilic Fly Studio, Godspeed Games, Hi-Tech Animation Studios, HMX Media, Ice Candy, Leetpix, OpenSlateVfx, Paperboat Animation, Reliance Animation, SM Rolling Fx, Toolbox Studios, Robosoft Technologies, Wacom India, Autodesk India, Fox Renderfarm, Rahul Commerce, Arena Animation FC Road, Design Media, DY Patil University School of Design, FrameboxxSwargate& FC Road, Srajan School of Design and Art, Starblast Animation, Times & Trend Academy, Tron, Veda College of Design & Art and Zee Institute of Creative Arts.

Dates, venue and plans for Anifest India 2023, will be announced soon.


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