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A Vibrant Morning at TG Forest Academy: witnessed a vibrant assembly of over 1,100 enthusiastic children

The serene TG Forest Academy at Dulapally buzzed with excitement on Sunday morning as the Hyderabad Runners hosted the grand Graduation Ceremony of the Outdoor Kids Summer Camp 2024. The event witnessed a vibrant assembly of over 1,100 enthusiastic children, marking the culmination of an eight-week fitness journey.

A Vibrant Morning at TG Forest Academy: witnessed a vibrant assembly of over 1,100 enthusiastic children
Outdoor Kids Summer Camp Graduation Ceremony 2024

In his address, Ch. Ganga Reddy emphasized the dual significance of physical and mental well-being, advocating for fitness habits from an early age. "Health is wealth," he remarked, "and the Forest Academy provides an ideal setting for outdoor activities. Running in such an environment offers a holistic feel-good factor for the kids."

Following his inspiring words, Abhijeet Madnurkar underscored the importance of the event as a foundational step in the children's fitness journeys. He highlighted the collaboration with Reach—Recreation and Child Health (REACH), an initiative by Hyderabad Runners. "This couch-to-playground project promotes healthy lifestyles for children beyond school hours," he noted.

A Celebration of Youthful Energy

The ceremony kicked off with a spirited 4 km run within the lush expanse of the Forest Academy. The young participants, grouped by ages 11-14, 8-10, and 6-8 years, eagerly awaited their turns. As they crossed the finish line, each child was awarded a finisher medal, a token of their dedication and enthusiasm.

The Outdoor Kids Summer Camp initiative, running since 2017, has consistently focused on fostering fitness, teamwork, and running skills among children aged 6-14. This year, it expanded its reach to 19 locations across Hyderabad, including prominent sites such as KBR Park, Botanical Garden Kondapur, and Osmania University, among others.

Inclusive and Impactful

The event's inclusivity was a standout feature, extending its free training to children from government schools with the support of Kirti Social Initiatives. Schools like NBT Shaikpet, MGN School in Banjara Hills, GATI Government High School in Shaikpet, and NGO-run Chotu Ki Education from Miyapur and Jeedimetla actively participated. These children received not just training but also school bags and shoes, making the event a memorable one for them.

The eight-week training period, from April 15 to June 9, conducted at various apartments, gated communities, and parks, introduced running in a structured manner. This volunteer-driven initiative sought to enhance learning and health through community involvement and family engagement.

Building a Future of Healthy Habits

The camp featured a variety of activities aimed at instilling healthy habits in children. These included running techniques, fitness challenges, team-building exercises, nature exploration, and lessons on maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

The Outdoor Kids Summer Camp has proven to be a resounding success,

resonating well with both parents and children and establishing a solid foundation for future fitness endeavors.

For more information about the Hyderabad Runners and their initiatives, visit Hyderabad Runners Official Website.

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