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Winners, Writing & Roar - Moral of Fuzia's Live Writing Contest

"A simplistic view of writing would assume that written language is simply the graphic representation of spoken language. Writing is more complex than this; hence writing pedagogy is important. Our lives involve all kinds of writing. Notes on the fridge, journalistic writing, greeting cards, to mention a few – all fill the purpose of communicating and bringing messages across. This is one of the criteria for writing being a social and cultural phenomenon.

Fuzia launched a Live Writing Contest on 24th December 2021 wherein participants were asked to write 200-500 words upon the mentioned topics. All Topics were announced Live and they were given 35 minutes to complete their write-ups. It challenged the cognitive mind and brought out varying experiences. Rupsa Biswas, living in Kolkata and Ananya Aloke, living in Mumbai won us with their entries on ' gender roles in today's generation ' and ' Uncertainties of life amongst covid attack', forever scoring their place on Fuzia's Wall of Fame and media publications.

Fuzia is one of the best talent showcases, skill development and up-gradation sites for individuals worldwide.

People get a chance to connect and interact with different people. It offers a lot of skill development opportunities to give wings to your creativity. You not only enhance your skills but also learn personally. Login at their site to see blogs and user-generated content, it's truly a place for artists.

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Feturing: Rupsa Biswas and Ananya Alok

After all, Fuzia is an exclusive Talent Showcase & skill development Platform for individuals globally where one can garner relationships and friendships. Fuzia offers a lot of Skill Development opportunities to let you hone your talents and become a better version of yourself each day through learning and education, engagement, and activities.

So, don't forget to scroll Fuzia ( Fuzia App is like a talent hub that is home to millions of creative minds


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