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Wellnessta brings safe,convenient wellness services to the residents of Mumbai with D2C operations

Wellnessta App - India's First Wellness-Tech App that helps people find personal wellness services such as Salon & Spas, Gym & Fitness, Ayurvedic massages, Yoga, and Naturopathy on their fingertips has recently launched its D2C operations with an aim to create a better living experience amid the pandemic. The website/app (android & iOS) hosts several vendors with their pictures and reviews that allows users to browse, analyze and pick services they find the most suitable. The platform also enables users to book appointments directly from a wide range of outlets within their vicinity, making the experience even more seamless and enjoy attractive offers and discounts.

Wellnessta’s D2C operations are currently focused around Mumbai where they’ve onboarded 500+ outlets with 86 of them already live. With most vendors offering exuberant discounts, sometimes as high as 40%, people are starting to move out and indulge in self-care activities.

“2020 was a year of amazing development and learning for our company”, said the Founder of Wellnessta, Mr Sanjeev Singhai. “We've seen a surge in vendor registration since the unlock; each day, more and more vendors are registering with us and opting for our SaaS offering of Appointment, Coupon, Inventory and Payroll Management offerings. The Wellnessta app is a platform enabling consumers to explore a wide variety of outlets in their vicinity. Since people are highly concerned about hygiene and safety due to covid-19, we are focusing on bringing high clarity pictures and reviews to them, so they can make sure the place is safe before making a reservation through the app. Apart from vendor discounts, we too are also offering an introductory up to 40% and 50% discount to new customers on their first booking. We are hopeful about the times to come!”

The benefits of the platform are not limited to end consumers. Businesses have suffered a great deal in the last two years due to the sudden onset of the pandemic. Wellnessta is onboarding vendors and enabling online bookings, thus introducing a new means of revenue for them. Besides this, the Wellnessta platform offers a complete software infrastructure to manage end-to-end operations of these outlets including appointment administration, coupon management, payroll management, and inventory management and more.

Co-founder and CEO of Wellnessta, Sarthak Singhai commented, “After launching D2B in December of last year, the only natural next step for us was to launch D2C. The goal is to raise consumer knowledge about Wellnessta and encourage them to book via us.”

The market at current is looking positive. People are beginning to step out of home and businesses are opening back. People need to be careful and maintain social distancing and Wellnessta helps in that. People can book their appointment time online in advance and avoid a rush at the outlet.

Wellnessta plans to expand its operations in Delhi and Bangalore in the next quarter.


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