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Vikas Singh, flicking his hurdles to limelight into the Haryana Ranji team

Updated: Jul 3, 2021

Team Stay Featured is also thankful to Ex Mumbai Captain Pushkar Sharma who praised this talented guy and made an effort to make this interaction happen .

Very recently , we caught up with one of the most rising talents of North India, who is still struggling to make it into the limelight for Haryana Ranji trophy team. His name is signed as Vikas Singh, he is 23 years now and let's glance through his journey with this short interview.

Q) Which state are you playing for and what is your department?

Ans: Presently, I am trying to play for Haryana Ranji trophy team. I've been a part of the Vijay Hazare camps and trying my best to make it into the Ranji trophy side of the Delhi team. I'm also a part of the Ranji trophy camp of Haryana but due to the ongoing pandemic, things aren't going the way it was supposed to. Apart from this,

I am also a standby cricketer for the Syed Mushtaq Ali tournament 2020-2021 for Haryana.

Q) When did your cricket journey begin ?

Ans: My cricket journey began when I was 10 years old. Just like many other kids I strted holding the bat, swinging it and gradually went to fields nearby and gained love for the game.

Q) What are the challenges you've faced growing up as a cricketer ?

Ans: It's true that as a cricketer we get to face a lot of challenges. Few cricketers face more hurdles and few faces less. Things were not easy when I started. Gradually I got to participate in the Ranji trophy camps, U-19, U-23, Vijay Hazare camps for Delhi and Haryana.

I'm also doing a job alongside playing cricket so I need to balance either ends well. This indeed is a tough challenge. Moreover very recently, three months back I lost my father who was a great support system of my life. So this is all I can say about the challenges in my life.

Q) How supportive has the surrounding been for you ?

Ans : My family has been very supportive. I believe not just in the case of cricket but for any other jobs, it's important to have a good support from your parents and I can proudly say that I have got their back.

Q) Is there any achievements in your career which you can share through us ?

Ans: Yes there are a few at the moment. To name a few I have earned quite a few trophies under my belt and my name is also registered in the cricheroes app.

Q) Who is your role model in cricket?

Ans: My favourite batsman is Aaron Finch and Jos Buttler and they are my role models.

Q) So just like your role models, are you a swashbuckler too?

Ans: Yes exactly. I am a top order right handed batter and I love smoking the ball out of the park. I have a strike rate of 140-150 after playing approx. 1200 games that are registered in the cricheroes app.

Q) Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?

Ans: In the next five years, I wish to see myself as a vital cog of a Ranji trophy team.

Q) Lastly, Don't you wish to be a part of the IPL?

Ans: Yes offcourse, I do wish to be a part of the IPL but to be picked in the auction draft it's important to play Mustaq Ali trophy. So I'll try my best to secure a spot in the upcoming two years. It's a challenge that I've set for myself and I'll fight for it untill I attain it.


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