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Vedix launches #champitalkswithvedix campaign to celebrate the bond between Mothers & Children

Vedix, India’s first Ayurveda-based customised beauty tech company that perfectly amalgamates the power of AI with analytics has launched the #champitalkswithvedix. The campaign aims to rekindle nostalgia, exploring the beautiful bond between mothers and children. The idea is to bring out beautiful personal stories, anecdotes, and memories to curate a campaign that evokes love, warmth and pure happiness.

Through this campaign, Vedix wants to positively engage with the audience to uplift the overall spirit. Champi or head massage is quite an intimate bond in Indian homes and also a sure shot way to get rid of stress. Given the current pandemic, everyone is stressed and worried because of the uninterrupted spread of the virus and working from home while managing the household, it has been a stressful period especially for women.

The campaign currently running on Instagram was launched in April has already received over 100 Instagram stories across the country.

“The current pandemic situation has offered families, especially mothers a chance to spend quality time with their children. Champi is a connector in this difficult environment. We are hoping that #ChampitalkswithVedix will bring families closer and enable us to build an emotional bridge with our consumers,” -Jatin Gujrati, Business Head, Vedix.

Vedix is expecting to build a memory bank of over 10,000 stories that will help families to look at the brighter side of life in these challenging times. Best stories will be featured on Vedix’s social media platform.

“Our idea is simple, has a beautiful connection that offers a chance to make people smile and reminisce about the good times. As a brand, we only want to send across a message, in tough times let's stand with each other and support them,” adds Jatin.

Go ahead create that heart-warming Instagram story, bringing out the beauty of a mother and child relationship. Your story will give others a chance to smile and rekindle beautiful memories of champi talks with mothers.

Have a look at the stories shared below:

About Vedix :

Vedix is India’s 1st customized Ayurvedic lifestyle & wellness brand that provides personalized Haircare, Skincare, and Wellness regimens. A part of the Hyderabad based IncNut Digital, Vedix was launched in 2017 by Chaitanya Nallan, Sangram Simha, and Veerendra Shivhare. Vedix’s unique proposition is to curate products to suit each individual’s body characteristics, as identified by their doshas. The brand’s endeavours are to break the notion of one size fits all, as well as break the vicious cycle of trial and error that leads to unsatisfactory results. It is India’s first and only one working at providing customized Ayurvedic solutions in this space.


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