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Transforming Pre-Engineered buildings, APL Apollo unveils Apollo Column

Bringing in a paradigm shift towards high performance materials in structural engineering, APL Apollo Tubes Limited (APL Apollo), one of the leading branded steel tubes manufacturers, has unveiled Apollo Column, a range of black hollow steel sections (HSS) that gives a futuristic edge to construct structures of any design and elevation.

A game-changer in construction, Apollo Column encompasses India’s largest range of square hollow steel sections ranging from 150X150mm to 300x300mm in size. It also offers flexibility in sizes, design, uniform strength and much higher torsional strength. Considered as the heart of Pre-Engineered Building (PEB), Apollo Column is the perfect choice for every construction due to its high weight-bearing capacity and enhanced construction speed.

“As the engineers and architects have become more aware about the use of HSS in construction, they have gained considerable significance in construction of Pre-Engineered buildings. Particularly Apollo Columns are very efficient sections and their major benefits are Availability of widest range of section sizes in higher grades inherent with perfect engineering properties. Apollo Column range has emerged as an irreplaceable member of structural buildings due to its high load bearing capacity and strength-to weight ratio.”-Mr. Sanjay Gupta, CMD, APL Apollo

Apollo Columns are best suitable building materials for residential, commercial as well as infrastructure projects. Superior quality, sturdiness, and ease of bending, punching and drilling altogether give Apollo Column a distinct competitive edge. Widely used in industrial building, warehouses, multi-storey buildings, commercial centres, foot overbridges, fuel stations and parking shelters in a big way.

Moreover, the use of the Apollo Column significantly reduces the overall project cost as the use of HSS sections against built-up sections brings a significant reduction in weight which reduces the cost of transportation and erection. Even the hollow sections have 30-40% less surface area which saves on the cost of paint as well. Consequently, the use of the Apollo Column has the potential to reduce both material costs and project cost. high-performance


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