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Toofan - Felt short from the "punch" to be better at boxing

The thing we will all agree is that we love to see sports movies more because they have all things in them. Hatred, Love, Josh, Politics, etc. This is a film of that genre.

Farhan Akthar, a " Mawali" of 'gullies' of Dongri, gets inspired by a great wrestler, Mohammad Ali, and wants to learn Boxing.

Boxing is a game of defence. He learns this tact very early. Eventually, he gets to know " Nana", the role played by Paresh Rawal. We can call him, an authentic rowdy coach, who focuses on his students to be the best boxers.

Through some conversations, and prove facts, Nana Sir, aka Paresh Rawal orders Aziz Ali aka Farhan Akhtar to practice with one arm punch to be better at boxing.

The training of Aziz Ali continues with a song, that really motivates and displays the journey of Ajju Bhai coping with boxing.

As I mentioned earlier, that no film cannot be completed without love, the doctor played by Mrunal Thakur, enters Ajju Bhai's life, and romance begins.

Ajju Bhai is now a well-trained boxer and is ready to fight with other boxers. And then the matches begin, in tournaments, Quater-finals, Semi-finals, and then the path leads to finals of the tournament.

Whereas, the story puts a conflict situation of religion. As Ajju and Ananya aka Mrunal Thakur ( Daughter of Nana), who is fallen in love with Ajju, decides to commit her love in front of her father ( Nana), who is already known with it.

The film shows the conflict of religion, which should not be a factor coming in way of a sport.

While Nana is upset, Aziz is also terrified, knowing that Ananya is Nana's daughter.

Especially, in the scene where Farhan is sitting on a rock near the sea, while Ananya, comes there and keeps her head on Farhan's shoulder, the scene shows they are in true love and they want to be together for their entire life.

Dr.Ananya Prabhu, aka Mrunal Thakur, is playing the role of doctor, who treats Farhan aka Aziz, after getting hurt on fitting with goons.

Then we come to the climax of the movie, we see Aziz, getting banned for 5 years, for a fraud case, which is true. Years went by and one fine day, a letter arrives from NBA, which is avoided by Aziz. While there is another twist where we see, death of Mrunal Thakur. And Aziz taking care of his daughter and then, we see the Return of TOOFAN again after 5 years.

The role played by Dr. Mohan Agashe and Ratna Pathak are incredible, supporting and correcting whenever it is necessary, which is practical, what I felt is good. The film shows up-downs of a boxer life, which is nicely put on by Rakesh Mehra, writing of Farhan Akthar, Vijay Maurya, and Anjum Rajaballi can be given credit as they pinpointed the aspects of Boxers Life.

With an IMDB rating of 4.8/10, this film is streaming on Amazon Prime. Do watch, if you like a sports movie.

Watch the trailer of TOOFAN on the following link -


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