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"The Warrior Poet: Mohit Chauhan's Inspirational Journey Battling Spinal Muscular Atrophy 2"

Born and raised in New Delhi, lyricist and songwriter Mohit Chauhan is not only a motivational speaker but also a warrior who has been battling the incurable and fatal disease, Spinal Muscular Atrophy 2, for 35 years. Despite being told he would not live beyond 12 years old, Mohit has lived his life to the fullest and his songs, quotes, and poems have become viral on the internet.

His book, "Parwaaz - Ek Zakhmi Panchhi Ki," which contains poems that beautifully reveal the various emotions and realities of human nature, was written entirely on a mobile phone due to the effects of his disease on his limbs. The book was unveiled by the Chief Minister of Delhi at the New Delhi World Book Fair in January 2020.

Mohit has received numerous awards for his accomplishments, including the Ved Shakuntala Memorial Award, the Real Life Hero Award by ARK Foundation, and the Artist of the Week at the famous poetry platform 'The Social House'. He also has a YouTube channel, "Poet Mohit Chauhan," where he shares his own beautiful poetry, nazms, ghazals, and songs, including the popular "Ishaara Hai," "Meri Maa," "Mohabbat Hai Use," and "Adhoora Ishq Hai Mera".

Despite facing physical challenges, Mohit has been an active part of the poetry society and continues to inspire others through his work. He believes that his illness is a blessing that has given him the wings to fly and the courage to dream beyond limits. We can truly say that his work is a reflection of the inspiring romantic and human spirit that lies inside his beautiful body.

FOllow him on youtube :


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