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The unstoppable Jhulan

It is believed that a career in sports doesn't last for too long due to the physical aspects the player has to look forward to. Particularly, the biggest myth about cricket is that a bowler cannot have a longer career. When the game was already unfair for the bowlers in terms of recognition, busting these myths make the case of a bowler even worse. But amidst all the chaos, one bowler has stood tall, and has delivered the game enormously. The superwoman is Jhulan Goswami.

When a bowler playing for a decade is considered an achievement, the Chakdah Express has represented Women in Blue for more than 2 decades. It's a superhuman achievement for a bowler to play with so consistency for so long period. But overcoming every issue she faces, she carved her way to make it possible. In the process, she faces a lot of injuri