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I have been so fortunate to live multiple lives in just one: Arpit Goyal on his journey

Hello, Readers,

You're reading about Arpit Goyal - That's me

I am Founder at The Brainy Fools,Keylight Studios & Co-Founder at Enavya

As a child, I was always inclined towards art and loved sketching and designing clothes. Coming from a hardcore business family I was always sure about me getting into the business.

It started in Kota wherein I went for IIT preparations in 2008. I became friends with Bundesh Mittal. I dropped from IIT and had to undergo lots of struggles to convince my parents to allow me to enter the creative field. Later on, I went on to pursue BA Hons in Animation and VFX and then went to Rajashree, Mumbai to learn Film Direction and Editing.

Commercial cinema never fascinated me and at the age of 23, I started working with NGOs and Corporate and founded my firm Keylight Studios in 2012 where I worked with clients like British Asian Trust, Tech Mahindra Foundation, NIIT Foundation, Angel Xpress, and many more. My studio started getting work through word of mouth and from Facebook and we served IIT Bombay. IIM Kolkatta, Nescafe, Lakme Fashion Week, High Commission of Canada, Genuine Broadcaster Chicken, and many more. We use a 360° creative digital media organization that unifies Talent Management, IT solutions, Video Production, Social Media Management, and Influencer Marketing under one roof. I was recognized by the National Chamber of Industries and Commerce in 2016 for the contribution to IT Sector in my hometown Agra. In 2021 I finally changed my company name to The Brainy Fools

During the Covid pandemic, I was working on an online e-commerce platform. There it came to my knowledge during a random conversation with Bundesh that we share the same idea. We finally started conceptualizing and I shifted my base to Jaipur. We finally launched Enavya in March 2021 with the dedication to create a unique interpretation of age-old crafts, we partner with artisanal communities, textile designers, independent artists (and the occasional maverick) to showcase a new, contemporary design language that comes from India.

I have been so fortunate to live multiple lives in just one. And through all these experiences, I have finally reached where I think I belong.

See you with a new beginning, new achievements in future

if you want to connect with me, just click on the link


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