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Roopal Arora shines as Creative Coordinator for Koala Kraft

Roopal Arora is a brilliant IT professional, freelancer educator, writer, author and blogger. Her journey is a testament to her passion,determination and ability to transform admiration into reality. Her contributions to literature have earned her a rightful place among stars of  literary and artistic world. She is a brilliant writer whose life has been beautifully interwoven with written word. Her unwavering vision, determination and dedication has been remarkable in writing. Her writing ability has set a precedent for creativity and excellence.

Her journey stands as an inspirational testament to boundless potential of diverse skill set and unwavering dedication. Her path serves as evidence of commitment and adaptability imprinting a significant impact on varied fields she traverses.

Roopal had successfully conducted and managed twelve Artist Interview featuring for Koala Kraft. She had conducted and managed eight Artist Interview featuring for RLC. Roopal had written different articles for the community. She wrote on Challenging aspects of writer, Reading is a decreasing habit,Women,building of belief in youth, impact of social media, Authors are Creative jewels, Social Media Marketing, Mandala Art, Tribal community, Embracing purpose, Embracing Authenticity, Affiliate marketing and brand strategy. Roopal wrote on different Inspiring Artists for Koala Kraft. She got different Testimonials for her writing work. She contributed for welfare of Maithili and tribal community. She has worked as a sponsor for the community. Her creative flair shines as Creative Coordinator and her honors, features in numerous books, magazines, websites that underscores her impact and recognition in literary field.

She is a brilliant writer lending her insightful voice to different writing firms. She has embraced technology to share her impactful writings with the world. Her writing sparkles with creativity and passion. Her writing contributions has touched numerous lives. Her insights and thinking approach has sparked new possibilities. Her journey to her achievement is a testament to her unwavering love for writing and her relentless pursuit of her literary dreams. She believes in power of choosing just the right word to convey her thoughts most beautifully to her writers.Her presence on different platforms has expanded her reach ensuring that her impact on artistic landscape endures. She envisions a future where her words continue to inspire and resonate deeply with her readers.


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