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Roopal Arora: A Rising Star in the Writing World

In the realm of multifaceted brilliance, one name continues to shine brightly - Roopal Arora. Her journey marked by an exceptional blend of technical expertise, educational leadership and literary finesse, is a true testament to the power of dedication and versatility. She is a dynamic and multitalented writer based in Delhi, India. With diverse roles, she thrives as an IT professional, freelancer educator, author, blogger and writer. Roopal's writing journey is a testament to the transformative power of words. Her words can change lives, ignite inspiration and foster connection. She is a beacon of creativity, radiating positivity and enlightenment through her thought-provoking work. In a world thirsting for profound voices, Roopal stands tall ready to make a lasting and positive impact on everyone.

Roopal embarked on her educational journey with a degree in Information Technology, followed by a Master’s in Business Administration with a specialization in the Information Technology field. These academic foundations set the stage for her remarkable career. Roopal's illustrious career is adorned with the titles of Oracle Certified Professional and SAP Professional, underscoring her mastery of complex IT systems. Her thirst for knowledge led her to complete two courses from the esteemed British Council, enriching her understanding on an international level. She is a passionate educator holding titles of Microsoft Educator, Buncee Educator and Wakelet Educator, imparting knowledge to the next generation of tech enthusiasts. She is a brain maths professional, showing her innate talent for logical thinking and problem-solving. With a distinguished career spanning six years at leading IT firms like Wipro and CNEB network, she has proven herself a standout IT professional, making significant contributions to her field. She holds the position of Manager Technical at Marucom private firm where she melds her technical acumen with managerial skills all while working remotely.

Beyond the confines of technology, she is a prolific writer, lending her insightful voice to numerous writing firms. As a writer, she has left an indelible mark on the literary landscape. Her creative flair shines as a Creative Coordinator and her honours, and features in numerous books, magazines and websites underscore her impact and recognition in the literary field. Her work resonates deeply, touching the hearts and minds of all those who encounter it. Her work has graced several anthologies and adorned the pages of numerous magazines. Her inspiring journey stands as a testament to the boundless potential of her diverse skill set and unwavering dedication.

Her story serves as a beacon, illustrating that passion, curiosity and relentless pursuit of excellence can lead to remarkable achievements that bridge realms of technology, education and literature.

Awards received

- Proficient writer award from Flairs and Glairs publications

- Special Jury Award from The Great Podium

- Creator Award from Flairs and Glairs publications

- Influential Writer Award from Unheard Stories

- Meritorious Star Award from Sparkling Diamonds

- Inspirational Blogger Award from Mommaclan

- Iconic Writer Award from Elysian Pens

- Excellence Award from JJ Crowns

- Best Author Award from The Creative Circle

- Sahitya Puraskar Award from The Holistic Pine

- Inspiration Award from Her Story Times

- Lit Star Award from Cherry Book Awards

Magazine features

- Lift magazine

- Elysian magazine

- Unicorn magazine

- Tridesta magazine

- Alcanzar magazine

- Cosmoclan magazine

- Wunderkind magazine

- Book's hub magazine

- Holistic Pine magazine

- Writersempire magazine

Published posts

- Momspresso

- Story mirror

- Fuzia

- Centa

- Educlouds

- Wakelet

- Split Poetry

- Eccentric Quotes

- Justpenthoughts

- Writerscosmos

- Mommaclan

- Profound

- Invisible Mentors

- Sparkling Cornexpress

- Koala Kraft


- Interview Times

- Times Bharat

- Holistic Pine

- Reflections

- The Beautiful Mind

- Rustle of words

Author interview features

- Flairs and Glairs publications

- Lift magazine

- Elysian magazine

- The Great Podium

- Book's hub magazine

- Writersempire magazine

- Hi Times magazine

- Holistic Pine


- Interview Times

- Koala Kraft

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