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Rest the Case throws light on topics concerning media and law like censorship, copyrights etc

Rest The Case, a legal aggregator platform organises a panel discussion on Media Law & Censorship in India

A discussion that throws light on some of the important topics concerning media and law like censorship, copyrights, trademarks and more.

Media & Entertainment is mostly about the glitz and glamour of the stars. What a lot of people don't realize is that one of the most important experts involved in making any movie, series, or advertisement are lawyers!

Rest The Case, a legal aggregator platform that aims to make the law accessible to all is hosting a Panel Discussion on 9th July to help break down the deep connection law has with the entertainment industry. RTC is an online platform that gives a smart and convenient edge to create and build connections between lawyers and clients with just one simple click.

The panel discussion will be virtual event and can be attended by anybody who is keen to know more about the rights and laws adhering to the media and entertainment industry. Behind The Camera does not just include the director and producer but a plethora of people of different expertise who come together to bring a project to life and ensure that are no legal complications surrounding it.

Shreya Sharma, Founder, RTC says, “Discussions like these don't just allow us to gain insight and knowledge but also help get different perspectives from the panellists who have industry experience and expertise. Conducting and hosting such panels is a way for Rest The Case to not only enable people to listen to such experts but also be able to interact with them and ask questions which otherwise might go unanswered."

Law plays a way more important role in media and entertainment than one might realize, from agreements to securing intellectual properties like copyrights and trademarks to complying with the laws of the land. There is not a lot of discussion around the role law plays in media and entertainment. Not just this but with proposed amendments in the censorship laws changing in the country and rising and one might have a lot of questions surrounding the same

Media Law & Censorship in India-A Panel Discussion will feature industry experts who will break down the different aspects of the role Law plays in Media, Entertainment & Films.

Details About The Panel Discussion

The Panel Discussion is open to all. Anyone who wishes to register can do so by filling out

the form given below:

Date: 9th July 2022

Day: Saturday

Time: 4:30 pm

Venue: Virtual

Enclosed below are the details on the panellist’s:

Karn Gupta

Executive Producer Disney+ Hotstar, Diversity and Inclusion Champion

Parth Joshi

Co-Founder for Kathika Media

Akshata Ankolekar Mane

Founder at Genesis Legal; Intellectual Property Rights and Entertainment law Attorney

Aman Parekh

Senior Associate (Media & Entertainment) at Cyril Amarchand Mangaldas

Isheta Batra

Intellectual Property & Media Attorney. is given


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