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Read & Feel The Journey of "DIL KI AWAAZ"-the voice of my heart

DIL KI AWAAZ (the voice of my heart) was started on 28th March 2020 by one of the most prestigious Writer Priyanshu Sharma. Who began writing in the year 2019 and wishes to provide a platform for all the unheard artists through the county.

The motive was to just give a chance to the budding writers who wished for recognition with no cost. Hence the writing community was made where writers could share their thoughts and get applauded by others. He was deeply supported by his family and friends. They later started organizing challenges which would not just motivate people to do better but trained their mind to think in a different way. The sole intent behind everything was to learn and share.

As the saying goes by, if written poetry is chocolate then the voice of the poem is its crunch, hence they started organizing open mics or Kavi Samelan, headed by The poet's Lounge founded by Zaira Tahrim Ashraf and managed by Prachi Verma, where the artists could recite their poetry to a wide audience. This can motivate them to an extent where they get immense fame in life.

Online events were conducted yet in spite of the pandemic offline open mics were conducted at various places including Delhi, Dehradun etc. They are hoping to do more in the future.

Apart from all of this they have collaborated with Voxit jockeys, Radio Vrishti and others. It is an immense pleasure to have come this far ,and all the thanks go to the talented writers who continued to shower their love upon us.

They say that they are privileged to do more and more for this community.

Another main motive through which the community started was to preserve and bring Hindi Literature!

They initially started this community with just Hindi writers but it took off well to an extent where an English group was created too. The writers can join them through

To join just DM them on

Right now with more than a year of its commencement, they are a family of nearly 700 writers with 2 groups for Hindi and 1 for English.

The founder believes that behind his successful community is his team, comprising of Anika Jain as co-founder, Ayushi as manager, Nishtha Jain and Lavanya as review head. From organising daily tasks and fun activities for their writers, it doesn't feel like strangers, it feels like family, with the founder and his team just acting as parents, a guide to all the writers.

DKA is not only about reaching to people to hear their heart out but is also to help the budding writers with learning every bit about writing. Hence, they are planning to hold classes for their writers where they would learn how to write a different genre, etc.

In the future, their main aim is to reach out to each and everyone, and just listen to their heart through the medium of words!!!

You can also visit their Instagram page via:-

With having themselves on each platform so that writer could connect to them, they have their page on Facebook too,

So join them today, to have lots of learning, lots of sharing, and to start listening to your Dil ki awaz!!!


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