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Vasundhara Garg founder of KAARMIC JOURNEY was honoured on the SHOWSTOPPERENGINEER by Radhika Seth

Vasundhara Garg founder of KAARMIC JOURNEY was honoured to be a guest on the platform of SHOWSTOPPERENGINEER by Radha Seth.

Sharing the experience of how well Radha Seth hosted the show and how cheerfully kept the audience stay tuned to the Live event.

It was an amazing and memorable experience to be a part of the Live Session hosted by Radhika Seth on her Instagram handle named SHOWSTOPPERENGINEER.

The first session was the discussion between Radhika Seth, content creator with the name of SHOWSTOPPERENGINEER and Vasundhara Garg, Founder of KAARMIC JOURNEY about the "Change in career segment from being a Creative Designer for renowned international clothing and lifestyle brands to the Birth of Kaarmic Journey which is a spiritual segment" and what is "KARMIC JOURNEY" and the services being offered? "How is KARMIC JOURNEY trying to set a positive mark in the society with the help of occult sciences?

And the one the most important and "Valuable advice for the audience" was offered at the end of the first session which if practised can help a person to heal internally and can make him/her a much better and confident individual.

These were the top-notch topics that geared positivity in the event for the audience.

The second half of the session was an engaging and cherishing discussion with live demonstration skills of Numerology and Tarot Reading knowledge by Vasundhara Garg and an explanation of "How numbers are connected with divination segment" the audience was also suggested, "The remedies one can opt-in case of adding on to the energy or vibration of missing numbers".

The last 15 mins continued with the queries of the audience being resolved and summing the live event on a cheerful and blissful weekend note.

The list of the attentive audience was a big one as everybody was excited and cheerful and was actively participating and asking their queries.

To mention few names are Prachetan Potdar, Aakash Agarwal, Ridima Rastogi, Aparna Deb, Aakansha Agarwal, Anuradha Garg and Lavina Sharma.

In fact, it was a blessing to recieve all the heartfelt positive feedback received along with the requests for such more weekend live talk shows from the audience.

This coverage is done by SMMH in association with "Team Stay Featured"

If you missed the live event here is the link, the event is in form of series with 4 parts.

Hope you all enjoy watching as much as we enjoyed being a part of it.

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