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Meet wise Youtuber Wasim Shaikh

My Journey as a YouTuber started with a dream to become famous and a liking for exploring new places and food. I always had this dream of becoming a famous figure in the world and was waiting for someone to push me in the right field.

That’s where God pushed me to start making YouTube Videos and fulfilling my dream. One day suddenly my phone was ringing continuously, I immediately picked up my phone and saw the increasing numbers of Subscribers adding to my channel as one of my videos went Viral. And that’s where I started this journey of becoming a YouTuber. In the initial stage, I was very shy about making the videos going in public where all eyes would be on me, however, with the support of my family and friends I was able to overcome this fear. I think I'm not perfect but I'm improving day by day, with the feedback of my subscribers and also with the feedback of my family and friends.

Talking about my career, I'm an accountant in an IT firm and if you ask how would I balance between both of them is a little difficult as I would not compromise on the quality of work I deliver at my office and also in the videos I post every week because I know any compromise in any of the one will not let me sleep. So for this, I have to complete a video I have to make sure that I give myself 200% at the office and then if I get any time after office I will go for making a video. Weekends are the time when I give almost a day to shoot and Sunday to edit. Also, I have to make sure that I give time to my family as they are the ones who have supported me in my difficult time. I have also been given so many auditions to become an actor in my life but unfortunately, I did not get success in them.

I have had many setbacks in life personally and also professionally, I have e many ups and downs in life. However, I have also got my teaching bythat my father and mother that I should not stop and keep moving. There was a day when I choose to quit my studies but my father and mother gave me the courage to move ahead and supported me in every way in my life. Also, when I started making YouTube videos some people told me to stop making videos, as per them this is not an age to do all this stuff, but what I think is there is no age to pursue your dream. I'm close to 1000 subscribers, and these subscribers are my supporters who want me to do good in life and want my dream to be fulfilled.

For Becoming a YouTuber you should not fear making and doing what you like. When you make a video where you think that you have given 200%, I'm sure that video will do good. Not in video but in any field if give your best in anything you will get good results. You should be consistent if you want to become a YouTuber, that will show the audience you are interested to improve and make videos. You have to get out of the ‘BhedChal’ to follow others and listen to your inner self and start doing what makes you feel happy.

There were no instances where I was discouraged from making videos as I don’t want to make money or get views, I just want to do what

I like and do what I want in life, ultimately you will get all the other things followed behind you. Try not to copy, make your stuff and let others know that you are different. Always keep on experimenting with the content, that will make you more strong and give you experiences of what to make and what not to make.

Lastly, I would like to thank God and my family who supported me in whatever I do in life and also my friends who gave me time to support in making videos.

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