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Masbate College's 3rd Graduate School Research Conference Leaves a Lasting Impact with Dr. Pratik's Compelling Lecture

Masbate College's Graduate School witnessed a momentous event with the 3rd Graduate School Research Conference, where Dr. Pratik delivered an influential lecture on Research & Educational Management. Attended by 300 Master's and PhD students, the conference set a new standard for excellence.

Dr. Pratik's lecture was described as compelling, offering profound insights that resonated with the eager audience. The unprecedented discipline, unwavering attendance, sincerity, and flawless management made this conference stand out as one of the most impactful in recent memory.

Special appreciation goes to Dean Doc Sanny and his exceptional team for their dedication in organizing this remarkable event. The Education Supervisor from CHED, Ma'am Arao, deserves grateful acknowledgment for her support and contribution to the success of the conference.

The collaborative efforts of the PhD Student Organization were crucial to the conference's success, with Mary Jane A. Odlohan as Secretary, Dina A. Gregorio as Treasurer, and Renato L. Rubio, EdD, PhD, serving as the Research Director.

The leadership of Masbate College, headed by President Karla L. Bunan, PhD, and PhD President Tomas L. Dungog III, played a pivotal role in making this conference a resounding success. The support of VPAA Manuel B. Cabug, PhD, and the contributions of Efren G Glita Jr, Committee Member and Professor, were instrumental in ensuring the event's success.

This conference not only showcased academic excellence but also highlighted the collaborative spirit within the Masbate College community. The impact of Dr. Pratik's lecture, combined with the dedication of all involved, marks a significant milestone in the pursuit of knowledge and academic advancement.

About Masbate College

Masbate College is committed to fostering academic excellence and providing a conducive environment for research and education. The institution aims to empower students with knowledge and skills to contribute meaningfully to society.

About Dr. Pratik

Dr. Pratik is a distinguished speaker and educator, renowned for his expertise in Research & Educational Management. With a passion for empowering the next generation of scholars, Dr. Pratik's lectures leave a lasting impact on audiences worldwide.


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