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"Is inclination for social services headed towards extinction in the course of life's uncertainty?"

Atul Malikram Recently Interacted with Team Stay Featured through these lines

Every nation and its people are striving for modernity, traveling miles to achieve the dream that is yet to be fulfilled. But in the midst of life' unrest, we've left our duties, dedication, and service to others far behind, to an extent that these concepts have become abstract in nature. Mankind, in the grips of desire to outshine others, will suffer the costs of deprivation of humanity. What are we chasing exactly? What do we intend to achieve on this journey if we are leaving our lives behind us? Why do we notice only the ones above us? Why do we overlook those who are not? Have you ever found yourself reflecting upon what the possible answers could be?

According to Atul Malikram, we are well aware that besides taking care of his one, a person weaves his life with various duties like humanitarianism, charity, service, religion, and spirituality but we have failed to preserve even a speck of its essence. In the pursuit of money, we have long forgotten the importance of our conduct and actions that would leave a greater impact on our legacy than money ever would. It is an absolute truth that materialistic endeavors are never permanent. Therefore, around the age of 50 to 55 years, retiring from work to habituate oneself in the service of others is a way that I've initiated my steps towards. I hope you too will understand its importance and model the new generation for action and make them realize its proclivity. It is imperative to lead by example by occupying the important years of your life to ensure the continuation of engagement in noble things.

It’s difficult to put brakes on the pace with which we are moving forward, but it's possible to stay focused on our responsibilities for the greater good. There are several tasks, people, and creatures in the world that are in dire need of our help. We overlook such instances in our compact routines. Thousands of helpless people who are forced to live on the streets cannot make their ends meet to manage to procure a full meal almost daily. So many animals and birds crave a drop of water during the heat of summers and die due to thirst and dehydration. Millions of orphans in the country are deprived of the warmth of a parent starve every day, seeking someone's who will caress their heads with love. Parents who dearly nurture their children throughout their lives witness their last days in old age homes, deprived of their children support and protection.

We must reach out and do everything we can muster to the best of our capability. If every person in the country takes the pledge to practice social service, our society will cultivate into a harmonious and inclusive place to live for not just our species but all living beings. No religion does not speak of doing well for others, that social service is human. Therefore, after retirement from your work at a prominent stage of your age, spend this time by indulging yourself in social service and see how the air around you fills with peace and leaves your conscience gratified with purpose.


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