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Ignite Meraki With A ‘Symbiosis’ of Fun and Learning -Bhavana Narsingoju

The word ‘Ignite’ means to catch fire. Fire symbolises the energy of the youth, positivity and divine intervention. ‘IGNITE INDIA’ has aptly used this power of fire, to captivate the students from Grade 9 to Grade 12 with the help of this innovative and interesting concept of a student fest dedicated to guiding, empowering and above all, celebrating the uniqueness of every child.

The fest has been rightly titled as ‘Meraki’, which translates to ‘great passion’. The concept behind the grand festival was to acquaint students with offbeat careers and provide a platform for showcasing one’s talents and abilities. The idea is one of its kind and it is truly rare to see an institute invest huge amounts of resources to create awareness and motivate the youth of the country.