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‘HOPE’ - Travel With Time ,Celebration from Scholarstree By Vedgun Pre School & Daycare

Annual Day is the time to showcase the culmination of the students and teachers hard work throughout the year and to show how much they have learnt different skills and the reward for the same. Scholarstree Pre-School had celebrated it’s annual day on 14th March 2023, Tuesday at Symbiosis auditorium Viman Nagar. “HOPE” Travel with Time the occasion was started with Ganpati Vandhana and the lamp lightning.

The annual day theme was “HOPE” to overcome a very uncertain dark time which had come upon us and we travelled through time carrying this beckon of “ HOPE”. The dark time’s name was COVID-19.

The entire show was directed and penned down by Mrs. Shweta Pankaj who was the first to take up the thought of having COVID -19 as the theme of the Annual Day as it was a very sensitive topic which showed to the struggles and ups and downs of the people in these past 2 years, supported by Founder & Director Dr Saravjeet Kirad and the entire team of Scholarstree Pre-School.

Shweta ma’am has portrait the time of COVID-19 through a skit in which she had featured the hard and light time through a mesmerizing act performed by the wonderful students of Scholarstree Pre-School. In the act they showed many musical dance performances, the time of lockdown, gratitude to frontline warriors, diya jalana, online classes, work from home and pain and suffer of COVID and then finally life back to normal.

Scholarstree Students had given a mind blowing performance throughout the show even though they had voice-over done by the teachers, they supported a lot through the entire program.

After the annual day skit the felicitation started with the graduation day ceremony of Scholarstree Floret, Announcement of Star of The Year, Performer of The Year, Little Champ of The Year, Distribution of Passing Certificate and Staff Falicitation (Priyanka Ketan Bhamare, Sonali Dinesh Shinde, Almas Sharik Tamboli, Seema Gupta, Atish Khabale, Amar sir and Aayesha Sheikh)

Vedika Kirad , Rishita Pankaj, Khushi Pankaj, Anagha Lanjankar, Dipesh Kirad and Rajneesh Pankaj has also given whole hearted support to the function.

Guest of Honour of the event were Mrs. Kajal Chhitija (Director of

United International School,Founder and CEO of Edudrone-We Connect), Mr. Sanjay Chhatija ( Managing Director Edudrone-We Connect, Proprietor S.K. Datapro), Mr. Sagar Lokhande (State and National Level Player 3rd Dan Black Belt, Chief Examinar and Vice President Shotokan Karate Association), Mr. Akshay Sarode ( KNMM President Treasurer- Shotokan Karate Do-Sports Association) and Prof. Dr. Pratik Rajan Mungekar

Special Guests were DR.M. Shakir Shaikh, Mrs. Aruna Nilesh Gulunjkar, Mrs. Priti Dabade, Mrs. Kavita Krishna Murti, Mrs. Deepa Kalia, Dr. Manjari Lawande,Dr. Prachetan Potdar, Dr. Akshay Kamble and Mrs. Bhawana Gupta.

Shweta Pankaj had tried her best to give these messages to all of us through the show:-

1 Be selfless

2)Live every moment of life.

3)Enjoy and cherish what you have . 4)Always always count your blessings .

At the end a group picture was taken with all the guests, staff, parents and their kids, concluded by Mrs. Shweta Pankaj and Mrs. Saravjeet Kirad by a thank you note followed by the National Anthem.

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