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"Happy Parents Day" - Monalisa Kar

What an irony it is indeed?

On 24th of July, we celebrated and am flooded by messages on all platforms on a #mindful day for "The Parents Day".

True it is. Reminiscing...

The diversity in perception is an amazing gift we possess and also I have the experience of sharing another gift, the fact that perception changes with time too! It's true for every generation, in their ways the kids and young minds develop, evolve and grow.

Experiencing life while growing up is a planned affair nowadays, we put it up on our calendars, make a to-do list, ask experts and gather information and compare this symptomatic behaviour shown by my kid... Humm...the #SWOTculture of each parent has become the new normal today.

The relieved sigh... or the OMG what to do now is the two-way street which we venture into every week. This is happening right now, with the board results being declared for the Xth and XIIth.

I saw a parent rush to school, waiting impatiently with a bouquet to ask the school to allow her an earlier leave, so they can go and celebrate her 98.4%

I also saw a mom bragging about how she sat with her kid and made a goal-setting vision board and now her kid has scored 97%

I came across another kid who had scored 89% and is under severe depression with suicidal tendencies.

Please, am not saying it's not to be done or to be done, am in a neutral position here... I took my daughter for a celebration treat to their favourite pizza place to celebrate her 9 percentile too.

Honestly, it's been a good year, yet we had our pulse raising arguments and differences on learning methodology...and some more too.

And as this academic year ends, paving its way to the new chapter in our kid's lives, one thing as a mother, an expert in learning solutions and a specialist in emotional transformations - all three agree with is #experiential #living and no way other than hands-on learning is the pre-requisite.

Growing up, the experience of childhood was completely different. Earlier, resources were just a walk away and parents were much more connected to the roots and culture. The community was much more involved in the upbringing of a child, my neighbours had a watchful eye and went out to make us feel like the whole camp was just the extended family.

I got scolded for not being careful and getting, while the uncles and aunts around did the first-aid and bandaid.

When we felt hungry we just walked into any house and said we were hungry, take a cup and ask for sugar,

The only movie that streamed on Sunday evenings, was a community affair, kids and parents came bearing their share for a movie bing watch as there was one TV unit in our neighbour's house.

Any festival, we kids celebrated with everyone gathering together to celebrate and pamper the “baccha party” (aka I think this term evolved when we were kids)

We could just climb up trees and dress in a fairy dress on the same day and be confident of the difference in our walk all the same.

We had to make our way to prove our leadership on the grounds, even if we were not, we still played and had fun. The leader looked after the ones who were struggling just the same, encouraging more, and supporting the push to learn and perform.

Those were the days we learned resilience, confidence, determination, teamwork, community spirit and many more just like that on the playground. Today we learn it via a course and most of it is online.

We need to explore the natural curve of learning and gather enough courage to take the muddy path which may be the one way to a creative streak, innovative blast and expressive communication, making it a striving untreated path to the mountain peak.

Let's explore, be different yet be open to new experiences. Scream from the peaks to challenges coming our way, “TRY ME” !

Founder Learning S'Park

EI & Transformational Consultant,

Relationship, Happiness & Parenting Coach,

Speaker, Columnist, Storyteller

Edutainer, NeuroLeadership Coach



T: +91 7381096914


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