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Aspirations to Power Self - DIAS Conference 2022 : Monalisa Kar

“Change the way you look at things and the things you look at change”

The pandemic opened up a mass of online programs and a plethora of knowledge sharing happened. For a learner, it soon became the main source of learning because multiple programs were available which were earlier off the charts and almost all free. The programs had a tall promise and taller claims; calling it the implementation. There are very few which define the benchmark, of the “talk and walk” showcase.

I was invited to a super speaker conference to be held on the weekend. I wanted to explore the impact and add value from my “pitara”. Along with spreading my message, connecting to people is the cherry on top.

Conferences are typically a weave of like-minded experts having candidly discuss and present a topic, exposing attendees to new divergent ways of thinking, operating and being more productive. In simpler words, a big mixer, grinding expert domain knowledge into a digestible platter for the audiences. Brain-storming thoughts, networking, sharing and creating new ideas, and igniting motivation.

DIAS First International Multidisciplinary Conference, a two-day Summit with speakers coming together from more than 70 countries was organized on 25-26 June 2022. The founding members, the fantastic trio - Prof Dr. Pratik Mungekar, DrMr Archana Burman and Mr Selvame Pazhany combined their futuristic vision of impact and scalability for driving aspirations to the core of each global citizen. It's a great showcase of dedication, focus, energy, mission and contribution from the team.

The chief guest Mrof Sandeep Marwah and Mr. Sanjeev Kapoor spoke about the happiness, true spirits of humanity and the extent of intention to create impact. Dr. Shelly, Dr. Anita, Brother Nur, and Mr. Selvame did appreciable moderation during the session connecting the learnings and the flow of the sessions.

The platform’s scope expanded by bringing together International Speakers and Delegates to share focused ideas and impact through diverse topics - foster learning, inspiration, implementation, and value addition to the global community as a whole. A construct of creative & bright minds for conversations that matter to humankind.

Each speaker along with the entire team gave graciously extended their support to the vision. The knowledge, expertise, respect, kindness, and appreciation were heartfelt and authentic. The spirit of collaboration was a grand feeling unifying the convention. I had an incredible experience listening to, learning, and connecting. The learning came with light nuggets as practical tips and hacks.

Congratulations on the success and wishes for more collaborative dream work.

“When hard work meets teamwork miracle happens. Together we are creating history!”

"BE Beautiful BE You"

Monalisa Kar

Founder Learning S'Park

EI & Transformational Consultant, 

Relationship, Happiness & Parenting Coach, 

Speaker, Columnist, Storyteller

Edutrainer, NeuroLeadership Coach



T: +91 7381096914

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