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Fuzia 2021: Celebrating 9 Years of Fuzia with a Successful Creative Summit!!

Fuzia, the largest global online women’s networking community, recently organized a creative summit, bringing together experts and industry professionals giving the audience a chance to engage in learning new skills and confidence to grow as a professional.

The 3-day event kicked off with art workshops in which participants learned watercolour painting, upcycling, and fashion illustration from artists. The workshops were a space for the creative heads to channel their inner artist on the paper/screen and also create something new upcycled out of the old. By the end of the sessions, everyone had completed their masterpiece, which they shared on social media for their followers to admire and appreciate.

Day 2 was a master class with experts like Tina Walia and Geetarsh Kaur. Walia provided helpful insights and tips on public speaking, as well as the importance of body language and appearance when speaking in front of an audience. Kaur shared valuable advice on how to conduct oneself professionally and how it can have a lasting impact on the other person.

Day 3 also included a master class with Shaifali Bhargava sharing her three secrets to overcome nervousness and become confident. Whether you have a job interview or a meeting coming up, her advice will help you ace them. Next month, Bhargava will host another master class with Fuzia on Leveraging Emotional Intelligence in Communication. You’ll find the registration link here for this two-day event happening on 8th-9th September.

The panel discussion was led and moderated by Fuzia's Co-Founder & CEO herself-Shraddha Varma with Shellye Archambeau, Michelle Mras, Zaaria Patni, Rachita Juneja, Aparnaa Laxmi Singh, and Dr Ashish Mahendra was an informative session discussing Youth and Leadership. The session focused on the importance of strengthening empathetic leadership, especially during the pandemic, as the employees are struggling. The employer/leader needs to be empathetic about the challenges, needs, and requirements. As a leader, one needs to mingle ideas and draw inspiration from their clients, as well as the target audience.

They even stressed how women must be given opportunities to become leaders and advance in the workplace. They pointed out the fact that many studies revealed that “Women are promoted based on their work, while men are promoted based on their potential.” The panellists encouraged the listeners to change the current narrative of workplace leadership and to elevate female leaders to higher positions.

What they started as an online community for networking has now turned into a platform for women to showcase their talent and learn new skills every day. In the 9 amazing years of Fuzia, they have made an effort to bring the creators and creative minds to the forefront. Their talent and creative’s reach an international audience, allowing them to grow and learn.

Through the Summit, Fuzia celebrated impact, innovation, and leadership, while making a promise to the community to help them grow in their respective fields. Shraddha Varma, Co-Founder, Fuzia says, ‘It was an ode to the years of support and love we have received and a token of appreciation from our side. The best way we could find to thank our community was to become a part of their growth by giving them a platform to learn and thrive in their career as well as life.’

They have scheduled content writing events and more in September for those who want to become writing wizards. You might also want to sign up for the Fuzia community to get access to more such events and connect with some like-minded people.


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