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Why do you have to watch Freddy- A Cunning Dentist?

Kartik Aryan's latest movie features an intriguing character and an engaging storyline. The film follows the transformation of a dentist into a killer, and the screenplay is masterfully crafted to keep the audience hooked. The movie, written by Parveez Shaikh with dialogues by Asim Arora, is often overlooked, but it is a hidden gem that provides a unique and entertaining viewing experience.

Kartik playing the role of Freddy Ginwala a dentist makes a bold move against his nature and sustains his plans with the antagonist, played by Alaya F and Karan Pandit.

The story has a powerful screenplay in which all the characters gave the best shot. The story is basically about love and its side effects and keeps engaging the characters.

We see a creative mindset in executing the screenplay, which makes a presence in an hour of the movie. Talking about the characters played by artists, Kartik Aryan's character has to be praised.

His cool characters in his recent movies made lovey-dovey boy, but in this character, you will see a different role, different energy and impactful acting.

The story takes a fantastic lead when the antagonist and protagonist are confronting each other. And the moves start, which makes the movie more interesting to watch.

The movie "Freddy" deserves recognition for its excellent direction by Shashanka Gosh. The music in the film seamlessly blends into the scenes, connecting them with the storyline. The list of producers includes Northern Lights Films, Ekta Kapoor, Shoba Kapoor, Jay Shewakramani, and Gaurav Bose.

One of the major themes of the movie is the difference between love and obsession, which is a prevalent issue in relationships today. Overall, "Freddy" is a great movie to watch, and it has received a 7.5/10 rating on IMDb.

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