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Focus Edumatics to Create Opportunity for 5000 Online Tutors over the next year

Amidst the pandemic, technology and innovation at Focus Edumatics have enabled it to create thousands of opportunities for people across the country.

● With its heart in developing top-grade, user-centric, e-learning products, Focus Edumatics is a technology-driven EdTech company that offers strategic solutions in the field of education and software development.

● The company is currently expanding its business across the country and is looking to recruit 5000 online tutors and 100 software developers for 2021-22 academic year.

● Interested candidates looking to apply at Focus Edumatics can visit the link:

New Delhi, Education is one of the most important aspects of any individual’s life, and with digital transformation at its peak, the EdTech industry is prominently gaining a larger market share. In this light, Focus Edumatics, a technology-driven EdTech company is offering strategic technological solutions in the field of education and software development. The company is invested in developing top-grade, user-centric, e-learning products by adopting diversified, cutting-edge technology.

At the moment, Focus Edumatics is looking to expand its market share by getting onboard over 5000 online tutors and 100 software developers to suffice its current operational needs. EdTech will hire this number over the academic year 2021-22, and is aggressively inviting talented people for an extensive round of interviews.

Focus Edumatics, through its US-based B2B products, entered the K12 segment in 2012, and now has 10000+ schools and 1 million students to its credit by offering a redefined learning experience. FEV Tutor is their award-winning, online tutoring platform that has grabbed a considerable amount of market share in the USA over the past seven years. Moreover, the company’s tutoring business is growing phenomenally leading to a huge surge in the requirement of skilled manpower.

Commenting on the same,

Mr. U K Rana, President, Focus Edumatics, said, “Our business has grown multi-fold and the pandemic has created a huge opportunity for our company from a business growth

perspective. We are glad that our growth has directly created job and skill development opportunities for the freshers in the industry. We are currently expanding our business to gain market share globally and hence, we are actively looking for self-motivated tutors and software developers to help us reach our target goal.”

The EdTech company is working towards creating a team of smart, motivated and educated people, ergo, the candidates will be shortlisted based on a subject matter test and a language test that will be conducted online. To offer a differentiating feature, Focus Edumatics will provide online training to the tutors for 4-6 weeks followed by a certification test, which will ensure that only the best reaches the learners. The tutors will be certified as online tutors and on-boarded as full-time work-from-home employees or from any of our facilities located in Bangalore or Coimbatore.

Focus Edumatics has added a couple of new services to its product and service basket-like online proctoring and essay grading for the K12 segment in the USA. The long-term plan is to establish a trainer’s training school and produce certified online tutors to cater to the growing need for quality online tutoring domestic and overseas.

About Focus Edumatics:

Company of Focus Group with its Global Head Quarters in Boston, USA and having its backend operations in India under the name Focus Edumatics Private Ltd. with India Head-office in Bangalore. The company currently operates from Bangalore, Coimbatore, Mohali and Chennai. Focus Group business segments include Financial Services, Healthcare Solutions, Software Consultancy Services, & Education Management Services with its major Client-base mainly in the United States and UAE.


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