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Film Star Rana Daggubati Launches TiE Young Entrepreneurs Program, Nurturing Future Business Leaders

In a momentous event held at D. Ramanaidu Studio in Filmnagar, Hyderabad, renowned film star Rana Daggubati inaugurated the 15th edition of the TiE Young Entrepreneurs (TYE) program. This initiative, spearheaded by TiE Hyderabad Chapter, aims to impart entrepreneurship education to students in grades 9 to 12. Present at the launch were TiE Hyderabad President Rashida Adenwala, along with program chairs N. Venkatesh, Subba Raju Pericharla, and Sri Charan Lakkaraju.

Expressing his admiration for the initiative, Rana Daggubati praised TiE Hyderabad for their exemplary management of the TYE series. He emphasized the vital role of motivated entrepreneurs in a thriving economy and commended the increasing focus on entrepreneurship education in schools. According to him, nurturing entrepreneurial skills in young minds yields numerous advantages.

Subba Raju highlighted that the TYE program will culminate in a competitive business plan contest, where teams comprising students will vie for a chance to represent Hyderabad in the global arena. He emphasized the program's inclusivity, stating the intention to ensure the participation of students from government schools in every team.

Sri Charan elaborated on the program's structure, emphasizing that TiE Charter Members, drawing upon their extensive experience, will provide all the necessary instructions throughout the three-month course. Their goal is to lay a strong foundation for the students, covering all aspects of startup development.

During the event, Rashida Adenwala, Chairperson of TiE Hyderabad, introduced TiE as a global volunteer-driven organization dedicated to fostering entrepreneurship. The Hyderabad Chapter boasts over 150 industry leaders as Charter Members who offer valuable guidance and mentorship to both aspiring and established entrepreneurs, including school and college students.

Venkatesh elucidated on the transformative nature of TYE, emphasizing its ability to provide students with a fresh perspective during their formative years. He stressed that the program aims to instill the seeds of entrepreneurship and business acumen in young minds. Notably, this edition of the program stands out for its diverse participant pool, encompassing students from both private and government schools, offering a rich and inclusive experience for all.


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