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Farnaz Farukh Shaikh: Master of "Academic Excellence"

Dear readers,

Most of us are the firm believer of "education is the master key to unlock numerous doors of life"

The academic excellence of students has been the goal of most higher education institutions, But for Farnaz Farukh Shaikh, It is much more than that. It is the maximum development of one’s intellectual capabilities and the skills in service that one can contribute to humanity.

Team Stayfeatured is extremely thankful to Dr Shakir Shaikh, and Dr Baba Shaikh of Poona College Camp, Pune for introducing this gem in front of us .We may bring her write-up in detail within a few days. To know about her capability , Just have a look at this

Education details:-

1. SSC:- 73.20% (500/366) (passing year March 2016) from Late Shree Vasantarao Vaidya Highschool Pune.

2. HSC:- 71.69% (650/466) ( passing year February 2018) from Poona College of Arts Science and Commerce Pune.

3. FYBA:- 81.17% (600/487) ( passing year March 2019) from Poona College of Arts Science and Commerce Pune.

4. SYBA :- 86.66% (600/520) ( passing year April 2020) Poona College of Arts Science and Commerce Pune.

5. TYBA:- 83.80% (1200/997) ( passing year April 2021) from Poona College of Arts Science and Commerce Pune.

6. MA part 1:- 85.37 (800/683) ( passing year April 2022) from MES Abasaheb Garware College Pune.

7. MA part 2:- Appearing ( in the year 2022-23)

"Everyone has a dream, goal, and motivation. It all just depends on how far you are willing to go to get what you want. The sky is the limit and your options are endless, so why not reach for the stars? In our opinion, academic and personal excellence is displayed when someone does something without expecting to receive praise.

It's really crucial to make Selection for competitive academic programs or other special studies programs during your undergraduate studies.

We are always here for students or learners who Seek opportunities to work with professors on special projects in a research or teaching area of interest"

Said by Dr Shakir Shaikh, Dr Baba Shaikh from Anjuman Khairul Islam's Poona College of Arts, Science & Commerce while interacting with our representative

Team Stayfeatured wishes Farnaz Farukh Shaikh a great success ahead

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