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Dr.Pratik has witnessed many children whistling for career guidance lectures for a very long time.

On Tuesday, November 29, More than 600+ Students of Class VI through XII students and teachers of S.S. Khalsa Senior Secondary School South Delhi attended a career counseling session where they were given advice on how to choose the best career path for them based on their aptitude and skill by the expert Dr.Pratik Mungekar.

Prof.Dr. Pratik Mungekar, As the major resource person, an Indian scientist and professor who has won both International and National awards for his work as a Global Educator provided the parents & Teachers with many insightful suggestions for assuring a promising future for their children.

The S.S. Khalsa Senior Secondary School South Delhi hosted the career counselling session.

Dr. Pratik noticed that even today, the majority of parents still frequently adhere to the conventional belief that great academic accomplishments are the cornerstones of a promising future while interacting with the parents and teachers. They make the mistake of pressuring their child to pursue a career that he or she is not interested in because they are unaware of other possibilities save the usual ones like doctor, engineer, or manager.

He informed the pupils about the current trends and elements that influence professional decisions. After class X, one should choose a stream based on a clear awareness of their skills and weaknesses, he noted. investigating several job alternatives while making a plan.

While advising Class XII students, Dr. Pratik says the career opportunities for boys and girls in all directions have never been as great as they are today. Globalization has created abundant employment opportunities for talented young people.

He also said that parents play an important role in helping their children make career choices.Most students rely heavily on their parents' advice and guidance to complete their careers. increase. Therefore, the guardian should give due consideration to the guardian's aptitude and interests while assisting the guardian in choosing a career.

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