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Dr. Pratik Appointed as Dean of Science and Technology at Global Honour University

Global Honour University (GHU) proudly announces the appointment of Dr. Pratik as the new Dean of Science and Technology. Dr. Pratik brings a wealth of expertise and a distinguished academic career to his new role, positioning GHU as a leading institution for scientific research and technological innovation.

With a commitment to excellence and a passion for advancing knowledge in the field of science and technology, Dr. Pratik has consistently demonstrated his ability to lead and inspire. His appointment as the Dean of Science and Technology at GHU reflects the university's dedication to attracting top-tier talent and fostering a thriving academic environment.

Dr. Pratik holds a Ph.D. in Science & a post doctoral fellow from a renowned institution and has an impressive record of research and scholarly accomplishments. His extensive experience in both academia and industry positions him well to drive innovation and collaboration within the faculty, empowering students and researchers to make significant contributions to their respective fields.

In his new role, Dr. Pratik will oversee the strategic direction of GHU's science and technology programs, ensuring the highest quality of education and fostering a culture of research excellence. He will be responsible for nurturing interdisciplinary collaborations, attracting leading faculty members, and enhancing partnerships with industry leaders to promote cutting-edge technological advancements.

Under Dr. Pratik's leadership, GHU aims to expand its research initiatives and encourage faculty and students to actively engage in groundbreaking research projects. By fostering a collaborative environment, Dr. Pratik will create opportunities for cross-disciplinary partnerships, enabling the university to address complex global challenges and make significant scientific and technological breakthroughs.

GHU President, His Lordship Engr Dr Melody E. Omorodion, D.D, D Hum, DPA, DSC, EdD, S.T.D (h.c), Registered Engineer (COREN) The CHANCELLOR/COUNCIL CHAIRMAN, expressed his excitement about Dr. Pratik's appointment, stating, "Dr. Pratik's exceptional leadership qualities, coupled with his extensive knowledge and experience, make him the ideal candidate to lead our Science and Technology faculty. We are confident that his visionary approach and commitment to excellence will elevate our institution to new heights and inspire future generations of scientists and innovators."

Dr. Pratik expressed his gratitude for the opportunity to join GHU and contribute to its mission of fostering academic excellence. He stated, "I am honored to be appointed as the Dean of Science and Technology at Global Honour University. I look forward to working with the talented faculty, students, and staff to cultivate an environment that nurtures creativity, encourages research, and produces outstanding scientific advancements that positively impact society."

About Global Honour University:

Global Honour University is a renowned institution committed to academic excellence, research innovation, and preparing students for successful careers in a rapidly evolving world. The university offers a wide range of programs across various disciplines and boasts state-of-the-art facilities and a vibrant campus community.


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