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Chingari Celebrates First Anniversary with #SAALEKCHINGARIANEK Campaign

Chingari, India's leading socio-commerce app, celebrated its first anniversary with Chingari's family and other content creators through the enthusiastic #SaalEkChingariAnek campaign. On this occasion, Chingari also launched Chingari Anthem. So that the creators can participate in this festival and win millions of Chingari coins by creating exciting videos.

In a short span of time, Chingari has gained a strong foothold based on its unique imagination and concepts.Providing a personalised platform for content creators is one of the main reasons for the success of the platform. Also, the creators ’passion and creativity were promoted through various competitions held last year.

Speaking on the occasion, Sumit Ghosh, CEO and co-founder of Chingari App, said, “This year has been unforgettable since the beginning of Chingari. Our progress has been accelerated by the team's efforts to build our app in a way that will further our vision and benefit as many Indian audiences as possible. We will continue to provide a lot of opportunities to artists in the country. Our goal is to be the voice of producers struggling to get a fair platform. The rapid growth of art professionals is the long-term goal of this brand. So that they get maximum opportunities and benefits."

The Chingari App gained momentum in this area based on the trust the brand has created in the audience and partner organizations. Last year, they partnered with various brands and celebrities to provide new opportunities to users of the brand and platform.

The brand has also developed a learning platform for content creators where artists can learn from experienced professionals and hone their skills. It is through such pioneering initiatives that Spark is able to develop a holistic growth environment for independent artists and content creators.

Speaking about future plans, Deepak Salvi, COO and co-founder of Chingari, said, “As entrepreneurs and organizations invest in science, commerce and technology, Chingari has helped to understand the psychology, demographics and audience understanding of creative content in the past year. We want to use these statistics and information for manufacturers across the country so that they can benefit from this. ”

The song 'Ban Chingari' was written by creative director Pranat Ghude to attract the attention of multilingual, millennials as well as capture the diversity of India and it will be a great feast for dance and music lovers in the country. The canvas of the official genius of the spark culture is transmitted through this video. Through this anthem, we want to build a stronger relationship with the audience. They also want to participate in this festival. The anthem is also available on leading music streaming platforms.

Due to this great success of the platform, many public and private organizations are looking forward to partnering with Chingari, which only believes in the credibility of the brand.Chingari, which is a regular basis for technology innovation, aims to become the most widely used socio-commerce platform in India in the next few years.

If you want to watch the song "Ban Chingari" then definitely go to this link


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