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Canva Workshop for Beginners By Fuzia

Updated: Mar 7, 2022

Canva provides you with many features to design your everyday work and personal requirements for graphics.

Does the Canva world seem exciting to you?

Do you wish to become a Canva Expert and earn money through your skills?

If yes, get ready to explore the process and become a pro!

Click on the link now -

Fuzia is hosting a detailed workshop for beginners covering the basic features of Canva for attractive poster making and how you use them in their practical lives, for social media marketing, organizing different cultural events, and digital marketing.

Learn to make irresistible designs with CANVA to build your personal brand on Instagram

  • Date: 10th March 2022

  • Time: 4:00-5:30 PM (IST)

  • Duration:90 mins

  • Mode: Online (Zoom)

  • Participation Fee: ₹299 /- only

Expert: Shruthi Shirolikar

About the Expert: Canva Designer & Coach, Founder of "CANVAWITHSHRU"


  • Beginner Friendly

  • Hands-On Experience

  • Learn to earn money with Canva

  • Q/A Session with Expert

  • E-book on graphic design

  • Workshop recording

  • Certificates

  • Internship Opportunity

Join Fuzia for a creative workshop with Shruthi Shilorikar, a Canva Designer and Coach, on 10th March '22 from 4 PM (IST).

Register now for just Rs. 299/- by clicking here:

Hurry! Limited seats only!!!

Comment a thumbs up if you're excited about this canva workshop.

Register Now:


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