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Big Brain Brilliance Knowledge Hub and Philippine Chen Kuang High School Host 2024 International Multidisciplinary Research Conference and Awards Ceremony

Manila, Philippines - January 21, 2024 - Big Brain Brilliance Knowledge Hub, in collaboration with Philippine Chen Kuang High School, proudly organized the 2024 International Multidisciplinary Research Conference, Awarding, and Conferment ceremony in Manila, Philippines.

The event, hosted by Asian Continental Researchers and Educators, Inc., brought together students, educators, and leaders from around the globe to celebrate academic excellence and innovation.

During the conference, esteemed scholars and educators presented their groundbreaking research work, covering diverse fields ranging from international affairs to pedagogy and behavioral science. The event also served as a platform to recognize outstanding contributions to education, psychology, communication arts, and various other disciplines.

Among the highlights of the ceremony were the conferral of honorary degrees from Elior Evangelical University, Haiti and USA, and prestigious awards from Big Brain and ACER. Notable honorees included:

Dr. Pratik Rajan Mungekar (Doctor of Philosophy in International Affairs)

Dr. Mary Easter Claire S. Perez-Torres (Doctor of Philosophy in Education Management)

Dr. Stephanie Ventura (Doctor of Philosophy in Communication Arts)

Dr. Ruby Lyn B. Cardines (Doctor of Philosophy in Pedagogy)

Dr. Tarhata B. Idsla (Doctor of Philosophy in Pedagogy)

Dir. Hoffner M. Maguad (Doctor of Philosophy in Behavioral Science)

Dr. Kersha V. Inahid (Doctor of Philosophy in Behavioral Science)

Dr. Marjorie Jill N. Africa (Doctor of Philosophy in Behavioral Science)

Dr. Pratik Rajan Mungekar (Most Inspiring Global Educator and Accessible University Pioneer Award)

Prof. Mary Easter Claire S. Perez-Torres (Most Remarkable Psychologist and Educator in the Field of Psychology)

Ms. Mary Elyssa S. Perez (Outstanding Hospitality and Restaurant Management Award)

Dr. Stephanie P. Ventura (Outstanding Award in the Field of Communication Education and Philanthropy)

Dr. Steve Christopher S. Wong (Most Innovative Principal and Man of Integrity in the Field of Education)

Dr. Arcangel Joshua M. Abustan (Most Dynamic Student Org Adviser and Innovative Educator in Psychology)

Mr. John Vincent R. Felix (Most Zealous Psychotherapist and Clinical Practitioner in the Field of Psychology)

Dr. Julieta R. Magpantay (Most Inspiring Public Servant, Educator and Human Rights Advocate)

Prof. Timothy John Toledo (Most Exceptional Community Outreach and Mental Health Advocate)

Dr. Engr. Alvin Harilla (Most Outstanding Business Leader and Dynamic Educator)

Dr. Ruby Lyn B. Cardines (Most Transformative Educator and Innovative Teaching Advocate)

Dr. Tarhata B. Idsla (Most Impactful Educator and Mentor of Personalized Education)

Dir. Hoffner M. Maguad (Most Exemplary Behavioral Therapy Trainer and Dynamic Business Leader)

Child Mines Learning Center (Most Trusted Behavioral Therapy and Learning Center in Las Pinas City and Imus City)

Col. Lino D. Inahid PAF (GSC) (Most Empowered Public Servant and Inspiring Humanitarian Hero)

Dr. Margarita Holmes (Lifetime Achievement Award in the Field of Psychology)

Dr. Marites D. Olea (Outstanding Leader and Chief Editor in the Field of Research and Education)

PVTravel and Tours Agency (Most Preferred, Trusted, and Organized Travel Agency)

PMAJ Jackson M. Lopez, DHum, CPS, PSF (Exemplary Service Award in Dedication to Public Safety and Peacekeeping)

Dary E Decanay, PhD (Outstanding Leader, Management Specialist & International Speaker).

Upcoming Event- Big Brain Brilliance Knowledge Hub in association with Asian Quantinental Researchers and Educators Inc. organizing the second edition of the International Conference and awarding on 25th February 2024 in Laguna.


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