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Aprajita foundation was launched to uplift, educate and empower others

Aprajita foundation launched on INTERNATIONAL WOMEN'S DAY during ScholarsTree Educare Private Limited's annual day celebration with the beautiful theme HOPE- TRAVEL WITH TIME.

Aprajita means unbeatable or the one who cannot be destroyed and is one of the names of Goddess Durga.

We have successfully organised the Aprajita Women of the year awards edition -1 and Edition -2 from 2020 to celebrate women's day for their contribution to their respective fields.

Aprajita is on a mission to provide equality and empower girls & women by providing education, advocacy and support. We strive to create an inclusive environment free from all forms of discrimination and to enhance their access to opportunities & resources through collaborations and partnerships with others.

On this mission, our vision is to hold hands and make a world where women of all backgrounds & religions have equal rights, opportunities and resources.

Aprajita is a non-profit organization dedicated to the welfare, empowerment and education of women and to create positive change in the community.

Founded to create a world of opportunities, and promote inclusiveness for females.

We believe that every woman has the right to live a life free from all types of discrimination.

Key areas of focus for the organization are


WELFARE- Welfare activities such as awareness talks, Health checkup camps, and organising marketplace for promoting and supporting local businesses. Be vocal about local initiatives. EMPOWERMENT - we will be working towards skill-based employment generation in collaboration with other organisations & institutions. Promoting and supporting local businesses.

EDUCATION - Education is key to success and it's important to factor in for the underprivileged as it helps to provide opportunities to improve their quality of life, breaks the cycle of poverty and promotes Social and economical development. In this, we will be working with the Vedgunn Foundation which is registered under section 8 and working for a long with the mission of Education for all

& ScholarsTree Educare Private Limited.

We also try to work closely with other organizations and government agencies to advocate for policies and laws that promote gender equality and protect child & women's rights.

By working collaboratively with these stakeholders, Aprajita will try to bring positive change. Overall Aprajita is a vital organization that is making a significant contribution to the empowerment of Women With its focus on counselling, education, and social activities, the organization is helping to create a more equal and just society, where every woman has the opportunity to live a life of dignity and respect.

Team Aprajita

Snehal Kulkarni ( Trustee president)

Saravjeet Kirad ( Founder,Trustee and Secretary)

Devyani Gupta( Trustee & Joint secretary)

Shweta Pankaj ( Founder, Trustee & Treasurer)

Zahira shaikh ( Trustee& Joint Treasurer)

Jaya Satav ( Trustee)

Suchita Mahajan ( Trustee)

Contact us on 9924662866 / 7670917320 /9561177160

You can follow Aprajita Foundation:


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