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Ahmednagar Welcomes Think Tank Junior: A Platform for Young Minds to Shine

In a pioneering move towards nurturing young minds, Ahmednagar is set to host its first-ever Think Tank Junior event on the 21st of April 2024. Think Tank Junior, a unique platform designed for senior KG students, aims to foster confidence and ingenuity among the youth by providing them with a stage to articulate their ideas and transform them into tangible realities.

Initiated by Pathshaala Preschool in collaboration with Nanhagyan Foundation, Think Tank Junior follows a comprehensive stimulation process that focuses on the WHAT, WHY, and HOW aspects of ideation, thereby sculpting the participating children into holistic individuals.

Expressing gratitude towards all partners and associated schools, Aboli Ruikar and Romal Surana, the masterminds behind Think Tank Junior, extend their heartfelt appreciation to Chitrakoot International School for graciously offering to be the venue partner. The event's success is further augmented by Robotiic Centre, who has come on board as the Trophy partner, and Fun ki Land, the gifting partner. Preethis Pathshala, serving as an associate partner, has also played a pivotal role in bringing this initiative to fruition.

The overwhelming response received thus far speaks volumes about the enthusiasm and support garnered by Think Tank Junior. A total of 32 students are slated to participate in this inaugural event, showcasing their unique perspectives and innovative ideas.

Acknowledging the invaluable contribution of partnering schools such as Fledglings - The Icon Public School, Sarath Army Pre Primary School, Sunbeams Pre Primary School, Chitrakoot International School, and the students of Preethis Pathshala, the organizers express their gratitude for their unwavering support.

As Ahmednagar gears up to witness the brilliance of its young prodigies, Think Tank Junior promises to be a platform where budding talents flourish and dreams take flight. Stay tuned for an enriching and inspiring event that celebrates the boundless potential of our future generation.

If you wish to contribute or get associated with the World of Blessings for these awards or any other causes in the future kindly connect with Rommal Surana, Founder Nanhaagyan Foundation on +917709047790


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