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A Journey of Passion and Purpose: Nilshree Damani Yelulkar Featured by Bookoholics Book Club

Embarking on a journey to become an author often begins with an unexpected twist of fate. For me, this journey started with a seemingly random message on my writing page on Facebook: "The content you write is worth going into a book, think about it!" Initially, I chuckled at the idea, dismissing it as an exaggerated compliment. However, my son's innocent question, "Mumma, what do you do for yourself?" led me to reconsider my approach to writing. That question eventually inspired me to pen my first book, "Object+If=I".

The process of publishing my debut book was a significant learning experience. As I ventured into promoting my work, I faced an unexpected question: "Who is your favorite author?" I hadn't read a single book at the time. My natural inclination was to turn to self-help literature for homemakers, only to find a surprising gap in this genre. The absence of dedicated resources for homemakers motivated me to create the content I wished existed. This drive led me to write my second book, "Whispers of a Budgie," a collection of stories capturing the essence of an everyday homemaker's journey.

While crafting my second book, I was involved in an anthology project, but my submission remained in limbo for eight months without an update. The wait sparked my curiosity about the anthology process, leading me to collaborate with other female authors to create a Women's Day Special Anthology in just 32 days. The result was "Stamped, Sealed But Unsent," featuring 27 incredible women and their unique stories. This experience showed me the power of collaboration and the strength of shared stories.

Six months later, in November 2021, I released "Whispers of a Budgie." As the pandemic brought attention to issues like mental health and increased screen time among children, I felt compelled to address these topics through my writing. "Hear Me Out" is a collection of 13 stories that focus on mental health and promote seeking help. I also co-authored "The Anime Express" with a talented young writer, Paulomi, then 13 years old, which explores life lessons from animated movies. Both books were released in May 2022.

Despite my busy schedule with my venture, Authoropod, which includes an e-magazine and podcast exclusively for authors, I managed to publish a collection of poetry. In celebration of World Poetry Day on March 21, 2024, I released "Rhyme Rapture," an anthology of 100 poems by 10 fantastic poets, now available on Kindle and soon to be in paperback.

This journey wouldn't have been possible without the support and encouragement from the Bookoholics Book Club. Their unwavering enthusiasm for literature and their platform for authors like myself have been instrumental in my growth as a writer. The community's passion for books and reading continues to inspire me, reminding me that stories have the power to connect and transform. Thank you, Bookoholics, for being a part of my journey.

To all aspiring writers, I offer this advice: the greatest agony is bearing an untold story. Write it down, whether or not you choose to publish it. The act of writing is a powerful release, a step toward sharing your voice with the world. Ultimately, your stories have the power to inspire, connect, and transform. Write, and let your words find their way into the hearts of those who need them. And remember, you're not alone on this journey. Bookoholics and countless other book lovers are here to support you.

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