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15th Episode of THUNDERBOLTS : Unique Quotient, UQ Explained in Unique Style by Swarleen Kaur

POSITIVE THOUGHTS CONSULTING & TRAINING SOLUTIONS presented its 15th Episode of THUNDERBOLTS, on 10th October 2021 @ 6:00 PM IST through ZOOM as well as showcased on “FACEBOOK LIVE” on the official page of “POSITIVE THOUGHTS”.

Positive Thoughts Family is a global community from PAN India and almost 40 different countries, on a mission to learn, connect, share, and bridge the gap between Brands/Organizations/Nations and will work on the Mission of Empowerment for” STRESS-FREE EDUCATION & LIFE.”

An eye-opening session by Ms Swarleen Kaur, India, Personality Coach, International Speaker, Author, Educator, Founder Director, The Talk Room on –

THE U of our lives – how to value, cherish and treasure the Unique Quotient that we all are blessed with as humans. A Thunderbolt session that sparked bolts of encouragement, enrichment and enlightenment. The show was hosted by the super impressive moderator - Ms Geetu Makker Rathod, a Certified Corporate Trainer & Facilitator, Speaker, Mentor, Business & Career Coach.

Ms Kaur shared some amazingly stirring and insightful thoughts on how we all need to be OURSELVES and be the U in our life, surround ourselves with positive energies.

In her inimitable style, she swept the audience off with her radiant persona and unparalleled charisma. She spoke about being your better self and listen to your inner self. Stop comparisons and curb all self-limiting beliefs that act as obstacles in her suggestion. She further opined that all of us need to imbibe an Attitude of loving ourselves, take responsibility for walking our path, be friends with ourselves. Be your friend, introspect, be self-aware, have self-acceptance, be self-regulatory – re her gems of wisdom to lead a fulfilling life. Accept yourself the way you are, each one of us is unique, take charge of yourself, realise and refine your you q – your unique quotient.

In the journey of life, we need to End toxic relationships, avoid people who belittle us, keep our inner virtues intact, celebrate our wins and appreciate ourselves, be proud of ourself and try something new, “travel the road not taken" to open our horizon to be able to tread the path of self success and create a difference.

She vehemently believes that Beauty is within us, it is an inner wealth, not an external ornament. We have to learn to differentiate between the superficial and the reality. Follow your passion with determination, confidence and persistence.

Her message was that Self-love is evolving – needs to be practised daily by being kind to ourselves, by pursuing mindfulness in our needs and desires.

To overcome the tidal waves of life she wants us to -Pull the reins of our thoughts before they wander and meander, look after ourselves when stuck in a dilemma, be the U of our life. We need to embrace the challenges and rise above them like the phoenix.

The true worth of a person is revealed when he/she can calm and withstand the ups and downs, the problems and tribulations – the roller coaster of life.

If you love yourself you will treat others with love and compassion. Treat others the way you want to be treated is her inspiration to sustain relationships.

WE all need to express gratitude cherish the good and create our happy zone. AS creators of our destiny we need to find your solution / your key to happiness. We are the creators of our happiness so let us embark on a journey of discovery and find your happiness quotient

“Me time “is a soul searching exercise to rejuvenate, re-energise and revive our spirits. Don't wait for approvals from others and don’t work to please others, learn to say NO were some of the truisms shared by Ms .kaur, she further added that we need to be human, realistic – being perfect is a myth, it is only mental baggage which bogs us down

Creativity is the best way to engage yourself . Our Past should teach us to move ahead and not hold us back.

She inspired us with her profound thoughts - Get in touch with your inner dialect and self since we all deserve to feel that love for ourselves because existence wants you to be you, be yourself and listen to your heart and do things that make you happy and blissful. She spoke about the art of being the best version of ourselves and paint the canvas of our lives with a splash of colours, vitality and radiance.

Her key takeaways are -Be patient, be proud and be practical with yourself, also Be mindful and meditate.

Life is a journey, not a destination passing through the various phases of life. Always surround yourself with people who love, understand and empathise with you. Learn to say no and be assertive with your inner thoughts and voice.

U Q – is the uniqueness that we need to nurture by being the BEST VERSION of our better self.

It was an amazing session that set us all thinking that we need to take charge of our life before life takes charge of us. We need to be in the driving seat and steer the car of our life with self-love, self-worth and self-belief.

Towards the end, Dr Supriya Kumaravelan, Director of Positive Thoughts, gave the vote of thanks by mentioning that she's so grateful to this Inspiring lady who gave her precious time. At last Guest and moderator, were virtually facilitated by certification.

This Article is written by Dr Priti Shrimal and Dr Anuja Malik

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