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10th anniversary of the Eduwrite Institute: Celebrating "knowledge of a language"

This fall we celebrated the 10th anniversary of the Eduwrite Institute, Pune. An anniversary is an opportunity to look back, to review what has happened, and to evaluate the current situation against the visions and dreams that guided the early days of the institution. Did we build on the right foundation? Did we set the right goals? Did we move in the right direction?

Overwhelmingly the answer is yes. We always knew that we had something special here at Eduwrite, but no one could have predicted that concepts so core to our mission would be the very things that the world at large are calling for as we move into our second decade. The choices we made at the beginning and continue to make in support of our students, faculty and staff, guided by our mission, enable us to be leaders in the national debate on these issues. Mr. Anup Pohare was quoted recently in the City Excellence Awards, discussing his unique strategies, concepts and being outstanding at delivering the services at Eduwrite

Since 2013, we have assisted over 15,000 students from various professional backgrounds to excel with their German Language skills and counsel for their education in different sectors. Round the year, the Institute offers Courses and consults candidates for education abroad. We also train students for IELTS exam. Well designed courses with good content and interactive sessions are delivered by professional Trainers at Eduwrite.

In the past 10 years, we have achieved several awards and international affiliations. These include certification from American Merit Council, British Council, “the most Inspiring leaders to follow 2022” conferred upon Mrs. Gargi Limaye, along with “Top 100 Inspirational Educators” and ISO 9001:2015 certificate.

Another indication that we are on the right track is the excellent faculty members who call the Institute their home. Our intention from the beginning was to recruit outstanding trainers and scholars who would make valuable contributions to our knowledge of language, Culture and Tradition of various civilizations and their heritage. We looked for and found deeply thoughtful people whose sense of call and personal mission has in turn guided us. And then we have supported them as they have pursued intriguing questions in their particular fields of expertise.

As most of you know, Eduwrite has always tried to provide the best service to every individual may it be a language course or counselling on study abroad. Eduwrite started its journey in 2013 and lasted, interestingly enough, only 10 years, succumbing to the financial pressures caused by the Pandemic. But even in that short time, the faculty (adjunct and full-time) and students went on to make their mark online.

We are indeed pleased to see so many students of Eduwrite settled abroad or doing fabulous in our own nation. Some are working with the world-renowned companies like Volkswagen, Audi, BMW, Deutsch Bank, etc.

We are grateful that, unlike other Institutes, Eduwrite is celebrating its 10th anniversary as a beginning, not an ending. We have accomplished much in the past 10 years and are positioned to enter our second decade with a strong foundation, a clear vision and a fresh set of goals and objectives. With your support and prayers, we are preparing the next generation of leaders in our communities.- Mr Anup Pohare, Mrs Gargi Limaye (Founders of Eduwrite)

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