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Webinar on Diabetes Management by MCF

The Mukta Charitable Foundation (MCF) and the Indian Diabetic Association (IDA), Pune Branch have jointly organized an online certificate course for people in the medical field on the occasion of the 16th anniversary of MCF and it was recently inaugurated. Dr Harshe, Pune's renowned Diabetologist and Secretary of DAI conducted a session covering Classification of Diabetes; Role of a Family physician in identifying High-risk cases; understanding of Genetics and Importance of proper case evaluation. DAI Dr Jagmohan Talwalkar was the moderator for the session. MCF President Dr Prakash Mahajan gave an introductory speech regarding MCF.

The webinar has started and will be continued till 24th November

twice a week from every Wednesday and Saturday from 3 pm to 5 pm. It will cover various ailments related to diabetes, exercise, diet as well as non-pharmacological diabetes control, special sessions on insulin, heart, eye, kidney and foot care for diabetics, advanced treatment on diabetes and many more.

Participants in this webinar will be guided by Dr Kishore Shelgikar, Dr Jagdish Hiremath, Dr Jagmohan Talwalkar, DrDr Amit Walimbe, Dr. Aarti Shahade, Dr Manisha Deshmukh, Dr Anjali Bhat, Dr Bhaskar Harshe, Dr Yagnik etc.

Secretary Dr Rupa Agarwal and MCF volunteers Dr Manasi Pahade and Dr Aparna Vaidya are hosting and coordinating the Webinar.


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