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Veteran industrialist Anil Gupta’s book on entrepreneurship becomes the best-seller

To encourage aspiring entrepreneurs dreaming to start a business of their own, Mr. Anil Gupta, Founder of Microtek, Okaya and Nasaka has authored a thought-provoking business self-help book, “Mine the Millionaire in You”.

The book has become an instant success by achieving the best-seller status on Amazon.

Mr. Gupta has given his own life story of how he started his career at a salary of Rs 1350/- and went on to create multi-billion net worth companies. While he shares tools and techniques derived out of own experiences to write this book, he also explains what encouraged him to start his own business, the challenges he faced, how he created the challenges into opportunities and how he is heading a conglomerate of businesses worth several thousand crore of rupees today.

In this book, Mr. Gupta has discussed multiple challenges faced by the business aspirants. To name a few, being unable to gather courage to start a business; don’t know which business to start; after starting a business unable to sustain, or having a great business, but not knowing how to scale up, manage effectively and above all creating ‘work-life balance’.

This book even helps in managing business communication, material flow, money, purchase, production, sales, customer care and compliance effortlessly. This book provides an immense help in building a business, setting-up teams and nurturing teamwork effectively through simple business management tools as presented in this book. Also one would be able to create business ideas that work. In a nutshell, the book “Mine the Millionaire in You” goes a long way in doing away with confusions and indecisiveness while it turns entrepreneurial dreams and desire into a passion.

Mr. Gupta said, “The possibility of creating your own business becomes a reality as you read through this book and apply the proven techniques in your domain. All the knowledge and tools to organize your business effortlessly and manage it effectively are revealed in this book."

Through this exemplary book Mr. Gupta has given wings to his deep rooted desire and passion of developing and promoting entrepreneurship in India and added his bit to various GoI initiatives such as Make in India, Aatma Nirbhar Bharat and various other skill development initiatives.

Written in a very simple language, the book “Mine the Millionaire in You” is a must read for both the aspiring as well as established businessmen, or individuals who wish to get charged up, motivated and inspired while continuing their journey of entrepreneurship. Besides, creating and organizing a business, the book will also help in defining its purpose.

About Mr. Anil Gupta, Founder of Microtek, Okaya and Nasaka

With over three decades of experience in business and the decades of experience in life, Mr. Anil Gupta has created a series of successful brands like Microtek, Okaya, Nasaka, Greenburg and OkayaInfocom. He has done pioneering work in managing life and business in autopilot mode without supervision and produce everlasting and ever-growing results. Mr. Anil Gupta has created opportunities and made a difference to each life that he has ever touched directly, or indirectly.

A successful businessman in perfect health and complete peace of mind having diverse and growing business portfolios in Electronics, Chemical, Software, Real Estate and Finance, Mr. Anil Gupta is also an educationist, trainer and an author by choice, out to create opportunities and make a difference to life and businesses of all the people he touches directly and indirectly. He has traveled the journey from Rs. 1350 per month job in 1983 to a multi billion business now, working few hours a day and few days a week.

Anil Gupta holds degrees in Electrical and Electronics Engineering and has special interest in management, communication, psychology, ontology and natural living.


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