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Uplift an Artistic Empowerment: Kala For A Cause

Art possesses a unique ability to uplift and unite communities. With this in mind, Kalakriti Art School, a division of the Artent Education Foundation, introduces "Kala For A Cause" – an initiative dedicated to providing top-tier art education programs to students in underserved schools and communities.

Expanding Art's Reach:

"Kala For A Cause" aims to broaden access to art education by hosting diverse workshops throughout Pune city. These workshops serve as platforms for creative exploration, enriching participants' lives and fostering self-expression.

Discover the Pottery Workshop:

Among the array of workshops available, the Pottery Workshop stands out as a hands-on opportunity for participants to delve into the world of clay and craftsmanship. Led by skilled ceramic artists, this 2-hour workshop introduces attendees to pottery basics, including clay shaping techniques on a potter's wheel.

Crafting Lasting Mementos:

Upon completion, each participant will proudly take home their own handmade clay creation – a tangible reminder of their creativity and achievement. Additionally, the workshop fee of INR 1500/- per person covers complimentary refreshments, ensuring a delightful experience for all.

Impactful Contributions:

Through "Kala For A Cause," Kalakriti Art School is committed to democratizing art education, regardless of socio-economic background. By joining these workshops, participants not only support a worthy cause but also nurture personal growth and enrichment.

Join the Movement:

Ready to embark on a journey of creativity and compassion? Secure your spot in the Pottery Workshop and be part of this transformative initiative. Every involvement contributes to empowering communities through the profound influence of art.

Registration Information:

To sign up for the Pottery Workshop and stay updated on future events, visit: Registration Form

For Inquiries and Further Details:

Contact: 9167140727

Let's weave a brighter future through the threads of kindness and creativity with "Kala For A Cause"!

About Kalakriti Art School:

Art is often overlooked as just an extracurricular subject at schools or as a hobby a child can pursue in their free time. Societal stereotypes and a lack of awareness about diverse artistic professions discourage children from pursuing art as a viable career path. And the real potential of art in a child’s holistic development is underrated. Children need to be exposed to quality art education if they have to choose to take it up as a career or not, they need to be given enough opportunities to practice. Many schools lack dedicated art teachers, resources, and curriculum, resulting in inadequate exposure and limited exploration of diverse art forms.

Kalakriti Art School, a program under Artent Education Foundation, is on a mission to bring accessibility and exposure to varied art forms (ranging from visual arts, performing arts to literary arts and media arts) to every child in every school. This would enable the child to make an informed choice to choose his/her/their own career pathway after receiving a holistic education. Kalakriti Art School aims to give students the tools to unlock their full potential, not just with textbooks, but with paintbrushes and passion.

To get connected, reach out to:


Chief Partnership Officer,

Kalakriti Art School

Phone: 9167140727


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